Having an affiliate marketing blog offers a huge advantage to those looking to establish an online presence! As an affiliate marketer it is important to do what you can to distance yourself from other affiliates marketing the same products as you! At the same time you also want to develop yourself as an authoritative figure within the niche while also increasing the comfort level of visitors to your site! This is where having a blog can be of tremendous benefit to your efforts!

Here are 3 strong reasons why as an affiliate marketer you would be wise to establish an online presence by using a blog as your primary business site!

Refreshed Content

The content you offer is free to access without commitment or opting in which compels visitors to return time and again! The more you update the blog the greater your online presence is felt since search engines tend to increase your ranking the more you refresh the content on your site! Of equal and perhaps even greater importance is the fact that offering useful information freely to others builds their trust in you and loyalty towards you! This trust and loyalty is invaluable to any affiliate marketer in terms of their effectiveness promoting on the internet!

Forum Atmosphere

The ability or opportunity to interact with others helps present a forum like atmosphere which readers absolutely love! This creates a greater sense of community and/or belonging which further builds loyalty thus increasing the odds that visitors will return for more! Getting answers to nagging questions or sharing opinions with like minded people about a topic of personal interest is understandably very appealing!

Product Offer Variations

It is extremely easy to add new products as they come available and are applicable to the ever changing interests or needs of readers! Your ability to easily and swiftly make product changes on your blog will leave the other affiliates marketing the same products in the dust!

Establishing an affiliate marketing blog is a gigantic first step towards also establishing a more dominant online presence! This presence is needed to set yourself apart from other affiliates marketing the same products as you! In addition, by blogging you are also creating an environment that is more comfortable for visitors and one in which they are more likely to return! The discussion above reviews 3 very strong reasons why any affiliate marketer would want to build their business around a blog! Establishing an online presence is reason enough to blog but visitor comfort and loyalty simply makes blogging something hard to ignore if business success is your goal!

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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