There are many “red flags about women” articles floating around on the internet. This time though, I will address the amber flags – not good, but not absolute deal breakers either. These can go both ways, but are flags to keep in check, just in case.


I was slightly confused for a few days when I suddenly started spotting women on the streets using MK bags. I laughed and thought to myself really, is Milton Keynes council making bags now? For those who do not know, Milton Keynes is a city in England and its post code starts with the letters MK. (and yes, I know what MK really stands for). These babies are expensive and, unless they were bought as counterfeits in a trip to the East side of the globe, they cost as much as 2-3 weeks rent in London.

I am conscious that fashion plays a big role in a woman’s life but I am a bit weary of women who succumb to trends like this. Why? They are followers – they blindly follow whatever trend is spat in their faces and they fail to realise they do not become trendy by doing so but rather common. It shows a need to look like other women, an unhealthy seek for acceptance and external validation insofar as wearing the item is needed in order to fit in. Secondly, because this shows a lack of financial control. I find hard to believe that every women I saw wearing such bags, for example, actually had the disposable income to buy them, or indeed the need to acquire such item. Truth be told, the distinction between needs and wants is sometimes heavily blurred by women, especially when it comes to acquiring a handbag or a new pair of shoes.


OMG, the latest iPhone is out and I still haven’t got one? *runs to the phone shop, pays a substantial amount of money in advance and sign a 2 year contract with a mobile phone network, including millions of minutes, texts and data, which she will never need.*

Unless you are an extremely busy person, who needs to conduct business on the move all the time or some technology geek, there is no valid reason to spend your latest salary on the latest gadget. It’s all very nice, but do you really need the upgrade? Do you?

Drunken state

Sober truths are said in a drunken state. This holds true most of the time. If a woman behaves completely differently, shows slutty erratic behaviour, swears excessively, becomes something completely different than her sober self, then there is your flag. Everyone behaves more or less like a clown when drunk, some are happy clowns, some are sad, and some are angry clowns, but if the discrepancy is too great, maybe, just maybe, she is not who you think she is.

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