Most of the antidotes for eczema are meant to control the symptoms. The aim is to abstain from itching wherein you are worsening your condition. Having yourself diagnosed with eczema by your physician does not ensure a fast treatment. Here are some popular treatments your physician will recommend to keep your eczema symptoms at bay. Your doctor will want to help you get rid of the eczema breakout. Here are 3 remedies that are frequently followed for healing eczema.


This is the most commontreatment. Corticosteroids are made to treat the rash by reducing the irritation. It also minimizes the itching feeling. Corticosteroids are efficient, but it is not a long-term measure for your condition.

It is very essential that you are careful with the application of steroid creams. Using the product excessively may result in further exacerbation and thinning of skin. Steroid creams should be used meagerly.

Corticosteroids are available in oral form also. But you should also be care with taking this treatment orally. Side effects include nausea and vomiting, and can even result to osteoporosis and growth abnormality in children.


Antihistamines are available in both oral and topical types. Their purpose is to alleviate itching that is brought about by eczema. Generally your doctor will prescribe the oral form.

Although they are considered to be reliable even for children, dosages for Antihistamines must be abided by stringently.

Antihistamines have sedatives that can bring about sleepiness.

Treatment 3 - Immune Suppressants

Drugs that command the immune system are very helpful in relieving eczema as this malady is a result of an increase in the immune system's activity.

These antidotes can also be either oral or topical.

In a topical treatment, suppressants are spread over to the skin to decrease itchiness as well as inflammations. The oral form of immune suppressant Cyclosporine is usually prescribed when other possibilities of medical treatment are not met with success. The drug is used to suppress the immune response that results in eczema.

Immune suppressants are generally used as a last option because of the elevated risks related with taking them. Both topical and oral forms of immune suppressants pose huge risks including certain types of cancer.

Special care should be taken with all treatments for rashes. A plan should be created between you and your doctor to gauge results with each treatment. Dosage amount and dosage time must be paid attention to at all times.

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