Many people experience great difficulty becoming successful at achieving goals they may have set for themselves! The kicker is these people don't necessarily lack the talent or skill sets to accomplish their objectives! What they do lack in many cases however are a few things that can be easily overlooked but play a significant role in their ability to actually become a success!

So if it's not a lack of skill sets what is it that holds people back?

Not Motivated

Having a lack of inspiration is a major and common obstacle many encounter but make no mistake achieving goals requires motivation! If you find it difficult to motivate yourself perhaps what you have targeted is NOT something that truly inspires you! To become a success at just about anything you really need to 'want' it and if you don't have that feeling it's likely the goal is not right for you! The long and short of it is simply this, without the proper motivation you have little chance of achieving what you set out to do!

Not Encouraged

Never overlook or underestimate the positive impact 'supporters' in your inner circles can have on your ability to become a success! Everybody needs and flourishes with a little encouragement and this is the case no matter what level of skill sets you have! Life always brings twists, turns and other 'little' obstacles we can't plan on that can easily discourage the most motivated and/or skilled amongst us! Having the support of others helps keep you encouraged and motivated to continue moving forward towards achieving goals you have established for yourself! It is therefore always wise to surround yourself with like minded and positive people that can supply you with the energy and encouragement you need to succeed!

Not Confident

Approaching anything new can always make people question their abilities to learn what they need, become more proficient and therefore succeed! There is one word that describes this process and that is experience and of course experience breeds confidence! The sad part for many about lacking confidence is that it can actually keep them from even trying which is crazy if you think about it! As we already mentioned to become a success at just about anything there is always a process of learning that comes first! This same process is something we all have been doing since birth! How do you think you learned to walk, talk, ride a bike or anything else for that matter? So why do some feel they can no longer learn something new? I hope that doesn't include you!

It is not at all uncommon for people to find it difficult in becoming successful at achieving goals they have even if they possess the proper skill sets to do so! Our environment and mindset play a huge role in what we are able to accomplish as our discussion above points out! The result is if neither or both aren't 'supportive' of our efforts the chances to become a success tend to dwindle! As it turns out even superior skill sets will find frustration and even failure when trying to achieve goals if the proper mindset or support is not involved as well!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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