Many people take to the internet with dreams of business prosperity that eventually ends in their online failure! Why does small business success seem to elude so many trying to effectively use the internet as their primary marketing platform? Well in many cases the answer can be found in 3 certain behaviors people tend to display when working within the internet environment!

Let's have a look at how many people are sabotaging their own small business success by the 'approach' they take when working online!

Unrealistic Expectations

There is no guarantee that you'll be successful in building businesses within the internet environment! In fact your ability to do so will require an ongoing effort on your part! Most seem to assume that since it is so easy to 'start' businesses online, developing and managing them is of equal ease! Do NOT expect to simply 'push a button' or publish a website and then be able to walk away! The marketing platform you are or want to build will call for plenty of 'tweaking' and this can only be done by being observant and hands on! Remember, you'll only get out of it what you put into it!

Ignoring Change

The internet environment is if nothing else a cauldron of constant change and most of these changes will need to be addressed! Whether it is changes that concern promotional strategies or even those that can have an impact on a state or local level, nothing should be ignored! In fact by paying closer attention to those things that do change, regardless of any impact they may or may not have, you may discover a hidden advantage! Anything that can give you a competitive edge will only serve to increase the effectiveness of the marketing platform you are building! Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground and learn to use whatever is at your disposal that can contribute to your small business success!

Stop Learning

When speaking of learning there will always be something new for you to know or 'master' when working online! As previously mentioned the internet environment is a very dynamic atmosphere therefore it is wise to expect it to continue evolving! For those who do NOT evolve, their 'efforts' at trying to build an effective and profitable marketing platform be it using blogs or websites will likely be short lived! If you don't want to be a casualty but rather a prosperous 'member' of the online community then you must be willing to continue your education!

The high rate of online failure for those looking to experience small business success can in many cases be traced back to certain behavioral patterns! 3 in particular are discussed above and seem to be most prevalent in terms of failing to use the internet successfully as a marketing platform! It seems that the biggest challenge the internet environment offers those looking for small business success is the constant change! Having said that if 'aspiring' marketers would show a greater adaptability and willingness to continue their education, their chances of building an effective marketing platform online would improve! Do you think that's a fair assumption?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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