Training with a balance board is a great way to strengthen your core. What we call the core of your body involves a series of muscles that help stabilize our trunk whenever we initiate a movement. Core training is today considered an essential aspect of all fitness training.

As a chiropractor, I recommend it to the majority of my patients whether they exercise or not. Strengthening your core muscles which are composed by the abdominals, the deep back muscles, and the hip muscles will offer 3 major benefits:

1. A Strong Core Will Prevent/Reduce Back Pain
Weak core muscles often lead to a poor posture with a swayed position of the pelvis. That results in the loss of the natural lumbar curve putting a high load on the lower vertebrae. Strengthening the core muscles will better support the low back and protect it.

2. A Strong Core Improves Functional Posture
It is easier to stand and seat up straight if our core muscles are in good shape. Many people present a slouched posture (round back, shoulders in, head forward) without sometime being aware of it. By strengthening the core, we will naturally stand up taller. In addition, having a healthy posture will help improve athletic performances.

3. A Strong Core Tone Up the Belly Area
Core training offers the advantage to train the whole circumference of your waist. Abs exercises alone cannot do it. The waist and torso will naturally have a ‘fit’ look. As we hit thirty core training becomes a must to avoid putting extra weight in this sensitive region.

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