Many of us are coming out of 2020 with big fitness and wellness goals. However, these changes mean that we also need to do some homework. If you want to add supplements to your routine, figuring out which ones to take at what dosage and when will take some planning.

Protein Shakes Do More than Build Muscle

If you're headed back to the gym, you may be reviewing Canada supplements online for ideas on protein shakes. These useful energy boosters can do much more than build muscle, however.

For example, whey-based protein shakes are full of easily absorbable protein to help repair muscles that have taken a beating in that day's workout. After your lifting routine, stretch, hydrate, enjoy a protein shake and leave that muscle group alone the next day.

Protein also satisfies your gut better than an ordinary energy drink. You'll feel full longer and may be able to lose some belly fat with a shake as a replacement for breakfast. Of course, you will need to watch the rest of your dietary choices to make sure you're not short on any nutritional benefits if you make this switch.

Avoid treating your protein shake as a milkshake. Fire up your blender and load your protein shake with kale, spinach, mint leaves, and avocado. For vegans who don't use whey-based proteins, adding avocado to a protein shake is a wonderful way to create a smooth consistency once the protein powder is added.

Collagen Fixes More than Joint Pain

Many trying to rebuild their exercise routine have added collagen to their programs. While collagen is great for your joints and bones, you may also be delighted to find that it can help your face as well.

Collagen is a critical part of our connective tissue. As we age, our natural levels of collagen production drop and the result can be visible on our faces. Sagging skin, wrinkles, and grooves all start to show up as collagen levels decrease.

Adding a collagen supplement can boost the health of joints, bones, and cardiac health.

It should be noted that some who take collagen suffer from heartburn. If this is true and you suffer from this discomfort, consider upping your collagen intake with some dietary changes. Increase your intake of fish and beef. Chicken and pork skin are both high in collagen, but can also be high in fat. Fish, such as salmon, contains not only extra collagen but omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. Some studies even indicate that a collagen supplement can lower your bad cholesterol levels!

Vitamin D is Good for More than Bones

It's well known that Vitamin D helps to protect against osteoporosis, but many may not know that Vitamin D and calcium in combination can also help you lose weight.

This pairing has an appetite suppressing function that can help you feel fuller for a longer stretch of time after consuming it. If you struggle with nighttime snacking or are interested in using intermittent fasting as a way to lose weight, try an enriched cereal with yogurt or milk for dinner to see if it can keep you out of the kitchen before bed.

Vitamin D can also help fight off depression and anxiety. The uncertainty of the past year has put many folks on edge. Anxiety levels are rising, and many who struggle with anxiety are at risk of struggling with depression as well. If you find that your mind won't shut off, or that worries run through your mind no matter what you try to break the pattern, adding a Vitamin D supplement may be what's needed to help you quiet your mind, focus on what good you can do, and move forward with a stronger sense of control and some confidence.

Striving for good health in one area often provides benefits in other areas. A collagen supplement can keep your knees and shoulders supple and may reduce wrinkles. Increasing your intake of salmon can protect your heart and your gut. Vitamin D is good for your bones and for your spirit, particularly if you're fighting anxiety and depression during this stressful time.

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