New Technology Gadgets coming day by day and playing very important role in our lives. Headphones with bone conduction are fundamentally different in the principle of transmitting musical frequencies to the organs of hearing. They leave the ear canal open to the outside world and act on the temporal bones, sending the waves to the solid components of the inner ear, past the eardrum. This allows you to listen to better bass frequencies and remain susceptible to external noise. Find out the ranking of the best bone conduction headphones for cyclists, runners, drivers, or dads and moms looking after children and l, listening to the stereo.

Top Bone Wireless Headphones

Such equipment has a small case with an integrated Bluetooth module and connection to a phone or laptop. The emitter can be inside the car or at home within a radius of 10 m. The user is not constrained by the wire and can easily turn his head to control the situation. This is the best option for drivers and athletes training among people.

After ShokzBluez 2S - for cyclists and heavy traffic.

The bone headset has a compact body with two diameter nd-shaped pressure emitters placed at the temporal part. They are firmly held by the presser arm, which simultaneously attracts them to the head and is a headband. The shape of the headphones does not interfere with wearing glasses (optical or sun). All modules are hidden under the frame that passes through the back of the head, so outwardly they are hardly noticeable.


• Two-way communication with a smartphone for broadcasting music and answering calls;
• support devices with any OS and the presence of Bluetooth;
• the case is protected from moisture (rain, spray, sweat);
• flat platform ear cushions do not press excessively on the skin;
• Built-in Premium Pitch technology provides a wide range of sound and the ability to adjust the bass to the taste of the user;
• good audibility of both music and ambient sounds;
• LeakSlayer prevents sound leakage past the user;
• two microphones (one in each unit) with noise reduction technology;
• multi-function button on the left speaker with the ability to answer a call, hang up, end a call, call the last number, voice dialing;
• battery capacity of 250 mA / h and battery life of 5-6 hours;
• voice prompts to the user to navigate through the capabilities of the headphones.


• the glossy body keeps fingerprints after touching and looks soiled;
• Bluetooth version 3.0 creates delays in the transfer of content in places with high background radio frequencies;
• cost 6000 rubles;
• after exhaustion of the battery, there is no possibility of connecting the wire.

Rombica Fit X-01 - the most affordable model at a cost

The bone headset is distinguished by a reasonable price of a wireless model with pressure on hard tissues and conduction of sound through them. The cost varies between 4700-5000 rubles. The control buttons are placed on the back of the bow, where you can turn on the device and adjust the volume without knocking down the location of the ear cushions. Under the handle, there is a tightening gum for good girth and clamping emitters.


• High-speed Bluetooth 4.0 provides good communication between the smartphone and headphones;
• the ability to quickly adjust the sound without getting the phone out of your pocket;
• the low impedance of 8 ohms allows you to play files even from a weak mp3 player with Bluetooth function;
• large membranes with a diameter of 15 mm;
• the headset automatically connects to the phone when it is turned on (no pairing search and approval is required);
• Headset profile support for interaction with laptops and computers;
• high-quality audio thanks to the A2DP standard;
• control the player completely from the headset;
• the indication on the headphones indicates work or a dead battery;
• suitable for hearing impaired people.


• The pressure sensitivity of the emitters is 82 dB, which in total with the open type of the cushions gives a significant sound leakage;
• 8-ohm resistance strongly distorts the natural sound;
• the frequency range starts from only 100 Hz, which does not allow to enjoy deep bass;
• no noise cancellation;
• battery charge time less than 5 hours.

After ShokzTrekz Titanium - bright jogging headphones.

This is a fun model of headphones with bone conduction sound, where the upper side of the overlays and the arms are pink, lime or blue, and the bottom always remains black. Manufacturers have tried to reduce the weight of the headset as much as possible so that it does not crush the athletes during the run. To do this, significantly narrowed the bow and removed the tightening element. Now the round frame presses and connects the design.


• bright, memorable design;
• low weight for this design (36 grams);
• built-in microphone with active suppression of external noise, where the other person hears only speech;
• reliable ear hook for running and jumping;
• the case is protected from moisture and sweat;
• the frequency range of pressure on bone tissue from 20 Hz with a good feeling of bass;
• speaker sensitivity of 100 dB;
• quick volume control on the right side of the case;
• continuous working time 6 hours;
• microphone sensitivity - 40 dB;
• the simultaneous pairing of headphones with a phone, computer or laptop, and automatic switching from the player to the call;
• The arm of metal is covered with plastic and resistant to deformation.


• cost of 8,000 rubles;
• more suitable for background music (radio), because they scatter the sound
• inconvenient to lift the head (rubbing the neck in that position);
• There is no previous track switch (forward only).

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