Greece is possibly the most popular holidaying destination during the festivities of Easter. The streets of major towns get seasons with spring flowers and red Easter eggs. However, not many would believe that Greece could also offer a memorable experience to travelers during Christmas celebrations. In Greece, there is a 14-day holiday from December 23/24 to January 6, the 12th night. During this long vacation, the festive feeling of Christmas does not seem to get over easily. The entire country appears to be drowned in the merriments of Christmas.

If you are planning a holiday this coming winter, I have listed some of the best places to visit in Greece around Christmas. These top destinations offer entertainment, joy, merriment, traditional feel, peace, and eyeful of natural scenes and holiday lights. You could also enjoy street plays, concerts, theaters, festivals, fairs, and cultural events in these cities -

Athens - Athens, the capital city, finds its mention in the list of top ten oldest towns of the civilized world. In the Christian faith, the city of Athens has a recognition of its own. If you are here around Christmas, you should hand around the major squares and hubs to see the best festive lights. You can enjoy Christmas and New Year at Syntagma Square and National Gardens. Although the entire town looks like a paradise, these are the two most jam-packed places in Athens during the holiday season. You could also meet local herds and artists performing in Christmas events.

Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki, the capital of Macedonia, is the second largest city in Greece. Being that, it is also called as the second capital or the co-capital of Greece. The city of Thessaloniki observes its very first snowfall in early or mid-November. During the festivities, the town looks no less than a snowy, full of light paradise. A traveler pens down his experience on visit Greece, the official website of Greece tourism, "The atmosphere of Thessaloniki is festive....You will see shops, restaurants, and streets are decorated and packed with games and Santa Claus.... It is really a memorable experience being in Greece around Christmas." In addition to that, do not forget to take a long walk with your beloved partner.

Ioannina - Located by the Lake Pamvotida, the city of Ioannina observes a large number of visitors during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Most of the activities take place near the lake; however, malls, squares, and many other gathering places are also a great attraction during the festivities. If you are planning to visit Greece this December, do not forget to stumble upon the famous Christmas fairs organized in Zagoroxoria and Metsovo, the nearby villages of Ioannina.

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I had visited Athens and Thessaloniki with the holiday package of All things were covered, so I had no worries of paying anything extra. I just enjoyed my holiday while capturing festive celebrations taking place in the cities. It was really a memorable experience for me. If you want to visit in Greece, Greecefully is place to book your holiday.