How do you ensure that your products are accessible online? And your customers are satisfied with your product services?

The only answer is byeCommerce product catalog integration!

eCommerce product catalog integration has tons of benefits when it comes to customer review management or managing sales.

Why is eCommerce product catalog integration important?

These days, both B2C and B2B customers are very much accustomed to looking for product information and shopping on the web. Therefore, your business needs to have a well-managed online product catalog to meet these client practices, ensure your products are found and available on the web, and stay competitive. A clear and detailed eCommerce catalog will also help you be seen as a leader in your industry and build trust among you and your web store visitors.

eCommerce catalog integration -- 3 best practices

1. Build trust with quality product information

While dealing with your online product catalog, your first objective should be to ensure your customers are okay with shopping on your eCommerce site. You need your online store visitors to trust your business so they are bound to place an order with you.

To reach this target, it is vital that you give complete and accurate information in your product catalog. Your potential customers can possibly begin believing your business when the information they use to assess your brand and products is complete and accurate.

You can begin with the under 3 steps to accomplish great quality product content:

Include comprehensive information in your product catalog. You should provide all the details your customers require to effectively survey your products. This includes technical ascribes, pictures, recordings, stock information, units of estimation, and product utilization blends. This information should be clear and simple to explore.

Ensure that all your information is updated. This will advance your customers' shopping experience by causing them to settle on exact choices. Consider here both of your static information, for example, product subtleties, as well as could be expected changing stock information. Relegate an individual to be liable for every one of these changes if necessary. Then again, you can likewise attempt to interface your web store stock to your ERP stock records, so your web store stock levels are refreshed consequently.

Illustrate your products using high-quality visuals This will help draw in the consideration of web store guests and keep them locked in. Make it one stride further by using multiple media designs.
2. Easily manage your eCommerce product catalog database

Since eCommerce catalog management is a kind of information management, keeping a database is an unavoidable piece of optimization of the catalog. The below suggestions can help you keep a clean product catalog database:

Keep a single source of truth for your product catalog. This implies keeping your information in one database just, without repeating it in some other frameworks. In addition to the fact that this is more effective, however, it will also prevent any errors.
Specify the roles and authorization flows for the database modification. In this way, partners will know their precise jobs and obligations while changing the product catalog database. Authorization flows also help you maintain up and shield your information quality and evade information excess.

In case you're thinking about growing your business and online business product catalog alongside it, assess the feasibility of your database expansion. Consider whether any new product catalog information can be gathered, coordinated rapidly, and managed in the foreseeable future. If not, you need to take a look at re-organizing your internal data structure first to ensure it is scalable.
3. Upsell and cross-sell with related and alternative products

Suggesting related products in your online eCommerce product catalog is a simple method to expand your average order value.

Consider your own encounters shopping on the web. In case you're browsing for another camera, most web stores will likewise suggest the best battery, memory card, and case to go with it. How frequently have you added those extra things to your truck? Usually, you do — because you entirely need them, and it's super useful not to have to go searching for them.

You can also recommend alternative products to entice your purchaser into buying a far superior quality camera or to urge them to continue to browse in case they have not yet discovered the specific item they are searching for.

More resources for a better e-commerce product catalog

It is safe to say that you are eager to enhance your eCommerce product catalog using our tips? Lots of businesses (maybe even your direct competitors) are already doing it and getting great results.

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