You see it over and over again on online anxiety forums and groups, people looking for answers to concerns about health anxiety, fear of leaving the house (agoraphobia), and information about a certain anti-anxiety medication or anti-depressant. But there's a few problems here, mainly the one where these questions are being answered by people who are also suffering through these behavioral problems as well, and rarely from people who have been in the sufferers shoes and have overcome their generalized anxiety and panic disorder issues for example. Let's look at 3 more examples of how most anxiety forums and groups could be keeping you in the anxiety loop, rather then providing any positive results:

They Don't Provide Real Solutions - Most comments or questions on anxiety forums, chats, and groups are negative and fearful ones (understandably). These are usually met with a comforting response by someone who is going through similar experiences such as 'hang in there' or 'this too will pass,' as mush as these answers give the anxiety sufferer a temporary feeling of being cared for and accepted it doesn't do ANYTHING to overcome generalized anxiety disorder.

They Reinforce Being Comfortable - Sitting on a computer won't stop the fears that are driving your high levels of anxiety, simply because the formula to create change is planning + effort + consistency = results. For example, when an online marketer is trying to provide a solution for people through a product what does he do? He tests things over and over again through making changes on his website for example, if that marketer doesn't get the desired result what does he do? He changes his approach again, and again, and again so the question is how far have you gotten in your progress in stopping generalized anxiety disorder lately?

They Make You Numb To Positive Posts - Here is a step by step way anxiety forums are used: The poster posts a problem or comment, the problem or comment may get a few responses mainly in the form of reassurance that things are OK and there's no need to panic, the post eventually gets lost in the mix of newer posts. In a world where our attention spans are so short, we become so caught up in the PROBLEMS that we and others are facing that when an actual post comes up that provides a possible road map or solution to a problem we tend to ignore it, due to the fact that we are numb to what is good. Or we put it to action for a short while, we don't see the desired result, and we give up completely and say it didn't work.

There's a saying in professional sports it goes: 'never change a winning game, but always change a losing game.' There are two thing you need to do if you suffer from an anxiety disorder: #1 is to see if your progress in the last few weeks is what you truly desire deep down, #2 is to tweak the 'tools' you use in order to get on the road to recovery from an anxiety disorder once and for all. Finally, answer this question... are anxiety forums digging you a deeper hole, or providing a positive change in your life?

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Pro tennis player, natural anxiety solutions expert, and experienced author and writer looking to save the world from the anxiety epidemic... naturally.