You can find countless blogging tips that focus on traffic, content creation and numerous other suggestions to make your site popular! Let's face it what it really takes to be a good blogger can be summed up in one word, consistency! This covers a lot of ground but frankly if you are not consistent in your overall efforts you simply will not have a successful blog!

Let's have a look at 3 areas where the need for consistency is critical for you to have any chance of being the administrator of a successful blog!

Posting Schedule

There is and will continue to be much discussion and/or debate as to how frequent you need to update your site! The sign of a good blogger is one that is at least consistent in their posting frequency! This allows visitors to know what they can expect and when to return to view more updates! When you're not consistent in the way you keep your blog updated visitors can get frustrated and decide you're too undependable! This is NOT how to build up a loyal following and will result in you wasting your efforts when you do post updates!

Topic Relevance

The need to stay within 'range' of the topic you built your site around is important otherwise readers will not return! Remember most people landed on your platform because they had/have an interest in the topic you write about so don't lose their loyalty by switching to something unrelated! Here too when you're not consistent with the content relevancy you run the risk of driving people away! Remember the more a person returns the greater the chance they develop a loyalty to your platform and building a base of readers like this is the only way to develop a successful blog!

Content Quality

Topic selection and posting consistency are obviously important but if what you offer viewers is not of good quality your success will be limited! The most common obstacle people have when creating content for their site is to produce something interesting! Finding new subjects of interest that haven't been seen online is difficult to do but a good blogger will inject their own personal 'two cents' to spice things up! In some way you need to give viewers something to think or laugh about to give more 'flavor' to an otherwise 'vanilla' subject!

One of the best blogging tips you can follow is to maintain a consistent effort in the 3 areas we discussed above! There is always going to be much discussion on what constitutes a successful blog and ultimately it will always come down to a sizable and loyal following! Our discussion here today focuses on how to develop this loyalty and this typically starts with being consistent! People are people and they ALWAYS want to know what they can expect! As the saying goes you only get one chance to make a good first impression and if you're not consistent in your efforts when blogging, you will not be regarded as a good blogger! Frankly if people feel they can't depend upon you to deliver what they want or need, your chances of having a successful blog are remote at best!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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