There are many blogging tips to be found that speak about how to get more traffic to your site but what about building reader loyalty? Bloggers know that their primary goal when they post updates is to capture and hold the attention of the people who view them! In this way your blog posting can help you build loyalty with people who land on your site and in that spirit here are 3 things to check for and avoid before you post updates to your blog!

Too Much SEO

Paying too much attention to optimizing your content can easily result in your blog posting being difficult for visitors to read! As true as it is that a properly optimized entry can get a higher search engine ranking and thus allow you to get more traffic, your efforts are futile if nobody understands what you wrote! Your primary focus should ALWAYS be on creating something of interest and easy to read which is something your optimization efforts do NOT address!

Veering Off Topic

When you post updates you need to compose your content much like you do an email message keeping it as brief as possible and stay on point! Quite often bloggers may tend to veer away from the original intent or point of the entry which can easily serve to distract, confuse and possibly even annoy readers! In the short run all you've accomplished is to create more 'needless' work for yourself in composing material irrelevant to your topic! In the long run you're also at risk of losing readers because your entries tend to ramble on without making their intended point! Make sure your blog posting stays on point and when tempted to veer off topic simple use these thoughts and/or ideas for future postings!

Too Much YOU!

People don't really have an interest in your personal feelings or opinions UNLESS it serves a purpose for THEM! Remember as a blogger your main priority is to serve your readers and NOT your own purposes! This will lead to a drop-off in your reader subscription base and this I promise! On the other hand if you're compelled to post updates that may be based on your personal feelings be sure to do so in a way that's entertaining! Remember even if your content holds little interest for visitors you can still entertain them with your wit, humor or even sarcasm otherwise steer clear of using personal rants or opinions as the focus of your blog posting!

The 3 blogging tips offered above are intended to help you avoid common errors many bloggers unknowingly make when they post updates to their site! Although it is quite natural for folks to center their focus on how to get more traffic to their platform, their efforts don't always breed reader loyalty! The fact is that your blog posting needs to be compose for the human eye rather than the ever fickle search engines, and that your efforts need to reflect the interests of visitors to your platform! In the end by satisfying your readers you will ultimately get more traffic through referrals which is the best way to develop your platform!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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