With passage of time and continuous usage, the carpet fibres turn out to be quite matted and knotty. You witness this when you try to unfurl the tangled fibres by your fingers! But sadly carpets are too expensive to be replaced every now and then hence you need to look out for ways to keep them in their best state on regular basis! The following are some carpet cleaning and maintenance hacks that will keep your carpet revived for times to come!

  • Fix down the Furniture Marks:

One of the best carpet cleaning company in Point cook suggested to fix the marks caused by the position and arrangement of the furniture pieces. Since your room layout remains the same so there is nothing much that can done to the furniture pieces placement so try to fix its marks on your carpet on a regular and timely basis. Since it is not possible for you to lift up the carpet so try to use the ice hack! Place an ice cube on the indented place and leave it there to melt. Use a blow dryer on low heat mode and then fluff up the fibres with a suitable brush till they are on the desired look!

  • Treat the High Traffic Areas:

The adept and professional carpet cleaners in Point cook advice to pay special attention to the high traffic areas! The entire carpet does not get soiled in the same manner but more on the high traffic areas. Take a piece of clean cloth, soak it up with water and then place it on the highly soiled areas. Iron the dampened cloth and the fibres beneath until they are straightened and then repeat the process until all the knotted areas are straightened.

  • Sanitise and Re-fluff the Carpet fibres:

A common method ardently followed while carpet cleaning in Point cook is the substantial use of the baking soda! A great way to revive the matted carpet fibres is by sprinkling baking soda on the soiled areas. Let it rest overnight and then vacuum clean the treated areas the next morning!

  • Cautions:

When working on the highly trafficked areas of the carpet, iron only on the damped cloth else you will end up having burnt marks on your carpets! Additionally you can also adopt for the most trusted and the best carpet steam cleaning from Melbourne. You can speed up the cleaning process by using the right kind of carpet cleaning agent and avoid the ones which are heavily loaded with chemicals.

If you have busy schedule and cannot spare much time to invest in the cleaning and maintenance of your carpets then there is no harm in seeking professional help. The professional carpet cleaners are adept and have specialised skills in treating the various forms of carpet stains with full precision. With their modified and sophisticated approach they clean your carpets without causing any adverse effects to the carpet fibres. If you found this piece of information useful then share the same with your near and dear ones.

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