Often times when faced with the gut feeling that your spouse is cheating on you, we quickly shoo that away in a fit of denial. It's very hard to accept the possibility that the person that you love with all your heart could be doing something behind your back and straying.

This is why affairs can go on for a long time without being detected… When you're in denial your spouse just keeps doing as they please without any concern for you or your feelings. In fact, many times your spouse knows exactly that you are in denial and how you cannot accept the thought about their infidelity, so they become brazen in their behavior.

That's why it's actually common if not MORE common to find out about an affair on accident than it is to actually suspect cheating, and do a bit of investigation and then find out the truth.

Even when the truth is staring you in the face it's hard to accept it -- simply because it hurts too much.At times denying it is easier than facing the truth.

Face it you must. Your Spouse is cheating on you. Look for the signs of infidelity.

Classic Sign #1. You Find Foreign Hair
This is probably the oldest trick in the book next to the old "lipstick stain on the shirt" tip. If you are cleaning your house, doing laundry, making your bed or really any type of house work and you come across some sort of foreign hair that's either too long to be yours or of a completely different color altogether, then this is a classic sign that your partner is probably seeing another person.

Beware the foreign hair! I love rhymes...

Classic Sign #2. You Find a Hotel Receipt or Credit Charge

Another classic example of a dead giveaway of cheating. If you find that your spouse secretly spent the night at a hotel or motel without your knowledge - maybe they told you they were going on a business trip out-of- town and you find out they were at a hotel two blocks away - then this is a dire sign of cheating.

Unexcused nights away from home are never a good sign, especially when you only find out about it from a receipt.
Beat the cheat, find that receipt!

Classic Sign #3. Your Spouse is Suddenly a Busy Bee

One of the easiest and most commonly used excuses that a cheating spouse will give to their partner is that they need to work late. Maybe they'll make up some big project at work, or some big deadline coming up to tell you why they need to stay right. Really, they're probably not working at all ...they're probably out seeing their lover instead.

You'd best get quiz-y when your spouse is busy!
Okay, maybe that one was pushing it a little bit too far...Sorry about that.

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