People with psychic ability come in various appearances from varied backgrounds, yet they all have some common characteristics. Remember, we all have psychic ability. I’m talking about in this article the traits of people who live their lives fully tuned into and taking advantage of their innate psychic abilities.

Do You recognize these characteristics and honor yourself for them?

1. Imagination.
Imagination is a very important psychic trait. Imagination stems from using the creative part of our brains. Imagination opens the doorway to daydreams and visions, which both provide an abundance of soul-level guidance.

When You are imagining You are seeing pictures on your internal visual screen of your mind’s eye. This is the same place where You see psychic visions.

The canvas of your mind’s eye is where your guides can paint psychic pictures for You. They will create pictures that You can understand, that have some sort of personal meaning for You or someone You are reading psychically.

You also use imagination when using the psychic technique of projection. By projecting yourself into the future with your imagination You can manifest your desires.

Allow yourself to imagine often. It will strengthen your ability to see clearly on the screen of your mind’s eye. You can even ask a question of your higher self or guides and notice the inner visions You have.

2. Focus on inner perceptions.

The ability to turn in and look what’s going on inside of You and trust what you find over trusting what others are saying is another common trait of being psychic.

This confidence in your own inner awareness over what others around You seem to be conscious of is often developed by trial and error. After a few lessons from not trusting your own inner knowing, that’s when the inner confidence comes in. What it comes down to, is understanding that your inner sensations are telling You something about the unseen in your life or the lives of those around You and fully trusting that information.

This ability to turn within and trust your inner world is what helps distinguish between psychic guidance and your inner musings of your imagination. Until the confidence of distinguishing guidance from your imagination develops, people often have the inclination to think they are making things up.

It just takes a little practice to fully cultivate the confidence in the psychic information and trust that it isn’t just the imagination. If You are seeking answers, usually, the first thing that pops into mind is the intuitive information. After that your logical mind takes over.

3. Sensitivity

Most psychically aware people are very sensitive to the energy around them, whether it be thoughts, feeling, emotions. Psychic people are always picking up on what’s going on for those around them.

Some psychic people are more sensitive in a certain sense, such as touch, vision, hearing, smell or taste. In fact, many who are keenly aware above the norm may shut down their psychic sense to their own detriment. Then they don’t have full access to their innate psychic ability and it can show up in their physiology and physical body.

Unless You have the proper tools which enable You to run your own energy, You could be uncomfortable or over-stimulated in larger groups of people. You may not even be able to tell which emotions and thoughts are your own. You might think You feel one way, then get away from others and find out that You feel completely different.

For example, I might be with a few people who are sad about something. I can experience feeling sad and even cry. I could get home and realize that I don’t really feel sad at all. I was just energetically feeling their sadness in my energy body.

If You recognize these characteristics in yourself, are uncomfortable with any of these traits or are looking to further develop your psychic ability, Psychic Potentials has programs specifically designed for You.

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Christy DeArment Martin is co-founder of Psychic Potentials, located in Colorado. Psychic Potentials offers new and full moon readings, psychic development products and classes, and personal psychic readings.
She is a self taught tarot reader and has been giving psychic readings for over 20 years. Christy’s uplifting and expansive reading style leaves You with clear insight and a sense of direction.
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