In today’s society, pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) is a common disease in females, which can cause huge damage to female health. The inflammation can not only be centered on one area, but also can involve several areas at the same time.

After having pelvic inflammatory disease, women often suffer from abdominal pain and awful symptoms in the private part. In severe cases, it will lead to high fever, chills, headaches, loss of appetite and other systemic symptoms. What’s worse, it can even affect the urinary system, leading to dysuria, frequent urination and pain in the urine.

Doctors point out that if you have similar symptoms mentioned above, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Common clinical examinations that can help you detect whether you have pelvic inflammatory disease are as follows.

1. Pathogen detection

After the preliminary diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease, it is needed to conduct pathogen detection, such as the culture of cervical canal secretion. The detection of the secretion can tell which kind of infectious bacteria exists, and then provide the basis for clinical treatment.

2. Routine examination of leucorrhea

This examination can mainly check the cleanliness of the woman's vagina, and whether there is a fungal trichomonas infection. What’s more, leucorrhea can also reflect the physical health status of women. Therefore, paying more attention to the health status of leucorrhea is necessary and useful.

3. Gynecological B-ultrasound examination

Doing gynaecology B-ultrasound examination is useful to detect the pelvic inflammatory disease, as the pelvic effusion is an important performance. Gynecological B-ultrasound examination can accurately measure the pelvic effusion. For example, the pelvic effusion, which is longer than 2 centimeters, can be seen as a common performance of pathological diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease.

Female patients who have been diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease must follow the guidance of the doctor and get proper treatment, and do not interrupt treatment and medication without permission.

In general, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can help female patients to cure pelvic inflammatory disease with its strong anti-inflammatory effect. To better get cured, good living habits should be developed as well, such as doing more exercise, keeping healthy sexual life and keeping personal hygiene clean.

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