Vinyl is one of the oldest flooring solutions, and like most its counterparts, this exquisite material has also undergone several changes both in terms of durability and looks. In fact, vinyl flooring stands to be one of the fastest-growing categories in the flooring market, still it is plagued by certain misconceptions. If you are planning to make vinyl flooring part of your home, then there are certain myths that you must be aware of.

However, before debunking the common myths about vinyl flooring in Olney, MD, let's know more about this material and what makes it one of its own kind.

Know More About The Importance of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has come a long way, and today it is available in the form of sheets, tiles and planks. Each one of them have a distinct character of their own, where:

  • Vinyl sheet flooring features flexible, continuous and large sheets that is 100% impermeable to moisture and comes in a wide range of designs and styles.


  • Vinyl composition tiles are finished materials ideal for institutional and commercial applications. Modern vinyl tiles can also be incorporated in residential spaces using the services of vinyl flooring contractor in Olney, MD.


  • Vinyl planks are robust and easy to install material that are available in strips, and be customized according to the specific needs of your premises.

Debunking Myths About Exceptional Vinyl Flooring

As stated earlier, there are three common myths that often revolve around vinyl floor and these are:

  1. Vinyl leads to a monotonous look

Sure vinyl is admired for its uniformity, but that does mean that the flooring is just about sophisticated monotonous styles, rather vinyl is beyond that. From going quirky with vibrant colors and patterns to choosing various textures, there is so much that can be achieved when you consider the best vinyl flooring contractor in Olney, MD and this leaves no room for monotony.

  1. Vinyl flooring does not have quality variation

Absolutely not! Every type of vinyl flooring that you see in the market is not the same. Apart from the types, there are various grades of floors available, where the initial one would be least expensive compared to the higher grade. The grade often varies in terms of the thickness, depth and robustness of the flooring.

  1. Vinyl flooring can be an expensive deal

Want a spectacular flooring solution that too on a strict budget? Well, professional vinyl flooring installation in Olney, MD will never disappoint you. Despite of the luxurious look and feel, this material is super-affordable, ensuring you can have the best without paying too much for the same.

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