Achieving business success online is something that continues to challenge many aspiring internet entrepreneurs. The percentage of those starting an online business and failing to make a profit is very high considering the extraordinary opportunity internet marketing presents. For little or even no investment or technical skills anybody can begin marketing on the internet. So why do so folks find it difficult to start and operate profitable businesses with so many proven business models from which they can choose and base their efforts?

Here are 3 of the most common obstacles facing any aspiring internet entrepreneurs when starting an online business preventing them from being successful.

Chasing Opportunities

The internet offers many opportunities which is a good thing for people looking to get started online but a bad thing for those already involved in marketing on the internet. It is common for people to see what they think is the 'next best thing' and abandon any current venture they had committed to. Letting this become a habit is a guarantee that you will never experience the best results from any of your efforts. Jumping from one opportunity to the next will only succeed in keeping you frustrated and exhausted till the point you eventually quit altogether.

Lack of Investment

One of the most attractive things about starting an online business is that there is usually minimal financial investment required. Unfortunately by not investing a lot into your business can also result in weakening your commitment since there is little at stake. This lack of commitment can easily lead to a lack of motivation which will eventually 'doom' your entrepreneurial attempts online.

Lack of a Plan

All profitable businesses have gotten that way due to specific goals being set and back by a plan to achieve these goals. Without a plan you have no map, therefore without direction your efforts will be nearly meaningless and bear little fruit. Even business models that have proven to be successful need to be customized in some way to fit your particular needs or goals. A determination of who you will market to and how needs to be made. In addition measures will need to be taken to forge an identity or brand for either yourself or your business. Failure to do so will only make you less competitive and force you to work that much harder.

Achieving business success when marketing on the internet has proven for challenging to the majority of those who try. Even though there are many profitable businesses to be found online the vast majority of people continue to find great difficulty in being equally successful. The 3 reasons discussed above are the primary 'culprits' which continue to undermine both the efforts and aspirations of people seeking business success online. It appears that two common factors, focus and commitment, are chiefly responsible for these failures. The lesson here is that no matter how 'turn key' an opportunity may appear to be, it still requires an active involvement on your part to actually make it work successfully!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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