There are many reasons to blog but it's important to be mindful of what people may find to be interesting content! In most cases people read blogs to benefit in some way and the best bloggers have identified this need and keep their focus on it!

Here are 3 common and very effective approaches some of the best bloggers use to attract visitors and build their popularity online!

Knowledge Sharing

Having a particular skill set, experience or knowledge that you can share with others is a very effective strategy for developing interesting content! One of the most popular motivations people have to read blogs is to learn more about something which they have an interest! This also lets visitors exchange their thoughts and/or opinions with others who have the same interest provided commenting is allowed!

Inner Thoughts

Many of the best bloggers know how to offer their thoughts and perspectives to their visitors in a way that provokes thought! People love to be challenged or subjected to the opinions of others when it is about something for which they have a passion! If they disagree they typically will find much satisfaction in debunking any claims they read while if they agree this new insight deepens their own perspective on the subject matter! In either case they find what they're viewing as interesting content because it makes them stop and think!


Quite often some of the most interesting content is the kind that is developed about a personal interest and delivered with lots of passion! This passionate delivery is what really draws the attention of people and gives them a crystal clear understanding of how you as the blogger, feels about the subject! Now people may or may not agree with the stance you take however the passion and conviction you display makes for very interesting content! At worse you have now 'provoked' a response from people which results in comments being made which can lead to more interaction on your platform!

You can find many reasons to blog but if what you post is NOT interesting content most of your writing efforts will be in vain! The best bloggers found online realize that people read blogs to benefit in some way and therefore this is what they focus their efforts on to remain popular! 3 common and effective approaches used for creating interesting content are reviewed above and remain appealing to those who do read blogs! The fact is if what you publish is of little or no appeal to visitors you may find yourself either starting over and even worse, walking away!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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