For a long time, many men have been troubled by prostate diseases, especially for those over 30 years old. Prostate diseases, mainly prostatitis, not only affect man's reproductive health and marital life, but also bring a lot of troubles to man's life.

Many men are introverted and shy so that they are unwilling to take about the inner pain with others, let alone consulting a doctor. Without the correct understanding about the prostatitis, males tend to believe some fragmented information online. But many media like to overstate their view and force the patient to buy their products.

As a result, there are many rumors about prostatitis online that always make male patients anxious and frustrated. Rumors are wrong, but there are still some men who don't believe they are rumors. The following content is about 3 common rumors about prostatitis. Pleases stop believing them.

Rumor One: Chronic prostatitis is a sexually transmitted disease.

As to whether prostatitis is venereal, it should rely on prostatic fluid bacterium examines. If the pathogenic bacteria are gonococci, then gonococcal prostatitis should be seen as one of the sexually transmitted diseases. However, for the non-bacterial prostatitis that occupies the majority in clinical, it has no chance of infection and is not caused by sexual behaviors. So it is absolutely not sexually transmitted disease.

Prostatitis is a common disease in men, and approximately 50 percent of men will experience prostatitis in their lifetime. Most cases of prostatitis are not caused by harmful bacteria. Only 5 to 10 percent cases of prostatitis may be related to bacterial infections.

Rumor Two: You must abstain from sex if you have prostatitis.

The actual answer is if you suffer from prostatitis, there is no need to avoid sexual life on purpose. Control the sexual life to a certain degree, it can be helpful for patients to get cured. About the necessity of sexual behaviors, many male friends have a misunderstanding and they can easily go to the extreme.

You need to know that the person who has prostatitis can have a certain number of harmful bacteria, pathogenic microorganism and the inflammatory substance caused by the disease in the prostate gland. If only relying on oral medicine treatment or microwave therapy to cure prostatitis, these harmful substances will still remain in the body, which can not be discharged out in time. Even if these harmful substances have been totally killed, their corpse will continue to stay in the prostate gland, which will endanger the health of the prostate.

In serious cases, these residues can form the capital for the recurrence of prostatitis, and they can still stimulate the prostate gland and then lead to various afflicting symptoms. Accordingly, appropriate sexual life between the couple is needed, which can help to pass out these inflammatory substances and make room for the growth of new prostatic fluid. For unmarried male friends, moderate masturbation is allowed.

But don't indulge yourself in sexual behaviors. It should be noted that the sexual experience should not be too long or too frequent, so as to avoid excessive congestion in the prostate gland and other injuries. Generally, once in 1 week or 10 days is appropriate.

Rumor Three: Chronic prostatitis can't be cured.

Being intractable does not mean being incurable. As is known to all, chronic prostatitis is difficult to treat in a short term. But it can always be cured through right treatment and daily conditioning. For patients with years of chronic prostatitis, it is really hard to cure. But time can prove that it is not the disease for which no cure has been found.

Usually, a herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a very help option for patients with chronic prostatitis, which has great effect on eliminating inflammation and features no side effects.

While taking the medicine, patients should notice their daily diet and avoid spicy food as well as alcohol and tobacco. Eating more foods rich in vitamins can be helpful. Sticking to the treatment and daily conditioning, chronic prostatitis can surely be cured.

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