The traditional role of a copy writer has long been considered that of knowing how to write persuasive sales copy. With the 'birth' of the internet it seems a copywriter must take on additional responsibilities in order for their sales copy to be effective. The internet presents an fast pace environment filled with distractions. It is this pace and these distractions that a copywriter must contend with when presenting their content to readers. People tend to scan more than they actually read until something catches their attention therefore writers are in need of modifying their approach.

Here are 3 tips on writing the type of sales copy that will not only catch online readers' attention but also get them to take the desired action you want.

Write Concisely

Online especially a copy writer needs to make their point very quickly in an attempt to capture the attention of the reader. If this is not done the reader will leave the page and likely never to return again. It is important to let them know you have something worthy of their time to read.

Share Enthusiasm/Passion

Once you have caught the eye of the reader it is time to begin 'convincing' them that what you have to offer is of benefit to them. When learning how to write persuasive copy the first thing you do is to 'share' your excitement for what you are writing about. This tends to increase a persons interest thereby they become more 'involved' in what it is you have to say.

Be Persuasive

The strength of your persuasiveness will be 'built upon' how well you previously conveyed your passion or enthusiasm for the subject. If people share your enthusiasm at this point it will be much easier to persuade them to take the necessary action you require.

Be continually reminding them of the benefits and how they will experience them by taking action you are using their emotions to your advantage. The excitement or enthusiasm they share with you serves to 'move' them closer to taking the necessary action to realize these benefits.

Any copy writer trying to address readers online has their work cut out for them. Knowing how to write persuasive sales copy is no longer enough since people merely scan most content unless something catches their eye. The 3 tips on writing sales copy for the internet that were suggested above focus on gaining attention with a clear and concisely worded message. A copywriter must be concerned with capturing the attention of their audience as much as persuading them to take a desired action. Online there are many distractions to deal with and everything happens at a much faster pace. As a result marketers need to deliver their message much quicker in order to just get noticed. Once the readers' attention has been gain it is then that the message will be heard.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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