Composing a great blog post starts with keeping your focus on satisfying your readers! It is vitally important to remember there is a seemingly infinite amount of other blogs to read online so your priority is to keep visitors happy! In fact failure to maintain your focus on what people what to see when composing new updates can very well result in wasting both your time and effort! I doubt you'd want to waste either!

Let's have a look at 3 important components you'll want to be mindful of when posting updates to keep your readers happy and coming back!

Avoid 'Personal' Interests

Following your own passion works well for the sake of helping you keep your focus however if your readers aren't interested you're wasting time! Choose a topic that holds interest for others and avoid trying to get these people interested in personal passions of yours since this won't work! Remember there are plenty of blogs to read on the internet so if what you offer is NOT what people are looking for, kiss them goodbye!

Know of What You Speak

Research is vitally important and something a good blogger does daily! Whether you're looking for material to write about or are checking facts and figures, research plays a very important role in your success! Credibility is where it's at when it comes to being considered a good blogger and delivering accurate information is the best start!

Add a Dose of You

Whether you inject humor, perspectives or opinions allow your personal 'reactions' to flow as you compose any new updates! Everybody has a unique view as well as their own unique way of delivering both the subject matter and their personal views! Do not fight but rather embrace the urge to be simply YOU when composing updates! Many people are especially attracted to HOW the content is delivered and even use this 'criteria' when choosing what blogs to read so go ahead and unleash a little personality! This will always help you stand out from the rest!

The best place to start when composing any great blog post is to be especially mindful of what it is your readers want! One of the best ways to determine this is by visiting forums and finding other blogs to read that concentrate on the same topic as yours! Listen to what people are saying and/or asking to give you the best idea of what your focus needs to be on when writing content! The 3 components discussed above need to be included or at least considered every time you author any new updates! Remember if you want to attract and retain visitors, what you offer needs to appeal to them and not simply reflect a personal interest of yours! And for heavens sake always check to be sure what you are ready to publish contains fact and as already mentioned, a little bit of 'personality' when appropriate!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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