Niche marketing and the success you have with it depends upon 3 variables and it all focuses on your market selection! For starters your ability to earn an income working online will be a test of your patience and resilience! But even more than that as any successful entrepreneur will tell you, the niches you choose to work will prove to be profitable ONLY if you're committed and passionate!

Here are 3 criteria your market selection must meet if you plan to earn an income working online in niche markets!

Interest Level - Yours

To get 'involved in any markets of any size you must 'invest' of yourself if you expect to earn an income! Don't assume you can simply slap up a web page, drive traffic to it and reap in the profits since that no longer happens online! Time must be taken to demonstrate your own 'expertise' to gain the credibility you'll need for people to listen to you and even make purchases! If you don't truly possess an interest in the market selection you've made your time spent and any effort invested will go to waste! In short if you're not 'into it' people will quickly pick up on your disinterest and dismiss you immediately!

Interest Level – Theirs

Determining demand in any niche is an obvious factor when looking to earn an income but many are 'blinded' by their own passion! People may be so passionate about a particular market selection that they fail to realize not everybody shares their enthusiasm! What happens is a person becomes so 'fixated' on a particular niche that they become confident their own interest reflects the masses and therefore fail to do the proper research! Remember we are all individuals with different tastes and preferences and yours may not always be popularly shared!

What Can You Add

Quite simply if you have a genuine interest in the market you're working you will also likely have opinions as well as insight! People will find value in what you have to say or in your perceptions provided you are informed and stay current! Everybody has an opinion and yours is that much greater in value when you're knowledgeable about the subject! Every successful entrepreneur needs to possess a certain passion for what they do since it supplies not only motivation but also a 'uniqueness' that gives them a competitive edge! Before 'leaping' into any of the many niches available online be sure your interest is REAL so you can stay motivated, keep informed and develop unique perspectives that will help you stand out!

Niche marketing can be and is a very reliable way to earn an income working on the internet! However your market selection is absolutely crucial for this strategy to work! As discussed above there are 3 primary criteria your market selection must meet for you to find success! The fact is these same criteria are required in any markets of any size but are needed even more so in smaller markets! The key, as any successful entrepreneur will tell you when working smaller markets is to fish where the fish are, quickly gain credibility and be unique! As our discussion above explains if these 'requirements' are not met when making your market selection, you as the marketer lose any advantage this strategy affords you! To earn an income in smaller niches obviously there needs to be an existing demand but you as the marketer must supply certain intangibles to make it all work!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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