Opting to have plastic surgery isn’t a consideration you make instantly. It requires plenty of decision-making and research to ensure it goes well. Most importantly, a crucial decision will be deciding which plastic surgeon will conduct your surgery. This is because not every surgeon is capable of performing your desired procedure, and some surgeons have different expertise to others.

Researching online and looking at referrals/reviews can be some of the ways that you can determine whether the surgeon will be right for you. You need to evaluate several aspects of them in order to choose the right one. Here are 3 aspects in particular that you need to consider.

What is their expertise?

Before you go through the surgery it’s a legal requirement to go through a consultation with your surgeon beforehand. Plastic surgery is an extremely complex practice, therefore surgeons need certified qualifications, education and training in order to be classed as a qualified surgeon.

There are several plastic surgery boards that you can research to see if the surgeon is qualified. By being board certified, you can be reassured that your surgeon will go through the correct health checks and has the medical skills to conduct your surgery.

Do they have the required experience?

As well as adequate training and education, your surgeon should also have the required expertise about the procedure you're opting to have. Surgeons can have specific expertise in certain procedures which means they would have performed it more than others.

As a rule of thumb, your surgeon should confirm the number of times they perform the procedure and how often. If they perform it weekly and have been doing so for a long period of time, then you know you’ll be in safe hands.

What have been the results of the procedure?

Whilst the majority of procedures conducted by qualified surgeons provide the results that patients are looking for, there are some that result in nightmares and expectations haven’t been met. However, if you’re reassured that your surgeon is right for you and the procedure they’re doing, you’ll be well on track to gaining the potential results that you want.

Say you’re looking to have a breast augmentation Manchester-based surgery and are looking for a surgeon. One way you can do this is asking to look at the surgeons before and after photos which they should already have as part of their portfolio. Ensure that the images have at least 2 examples of after images taken a few months apart.

Final thoughts

The considerations above will have you well on your way to choosing the correct surgeon for you. However, you should also consider the actions of the surgeon and how well they and their team interact with you and each other. Ultimately, if they can give you reassurance and the team appear cohesive with one another then it’ll be extremely likely that you’ll come out with the results that you want from the surgery.

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