Relationship building is at the very core of any strategy used online to help increase marketing effectiveness! The idea is simply to first get noticed and then gain the trust of the people in your target market! This results in making your future product offers more effective but make no mistake this is a process that can test your patience!

Here are the 3 stages you'll go through online to gain the trust of people who in your target market in an effort to increase your marketing effectiveness!

Be Seen

It all starts with establishing a presence within your niche in an effort to get noticed by others! This typically involves having a website or blog and then enticing people to stop by and see what you're all about! During this stage you've got little control or influence over visitors other than to increase their interest in what you do! Whether you make contact on any number of social sites found online or advertise in some other way you need to get the traffic flowing!

Be Allowed Contact

Having visitors land on your site is a great start but it's only the beginning of the next step! In order to gain the trust of these visitors you'll need to establish a means in which you can make 'direct' contact! This is the only way others can come to know who you are and what you've got that they may want! Collecting the contact information of visitors to your site is highly recommended therefore placing an opt in box in a prominent location is suggested! To make this work most effectively it is suggested to offer some type of gift that is useful and relevant to the market! Once people opt in you've now been 'granted' the privilege of making direct contact with them via email!

Get Your Messages Delivered

The direct contact you've now been allowed helps you to develop relationships and gain the trust of list members! The correct approach here would be to freely offer useful information which will help establish your credibility along with your trustworthiness! With this credibility and trust you are now in a position to make sales pitches to which these people will be more receptive! This is where your marketing effectiveness begins to benefit however be careful NOT to abuse these folks by burying them in sales pitches! By continuing to provide help and tips your list members will continue to read your messages and this is HUGE! Getting your messages 'delivered' is the single biggest factor influencing your marketing effectiveness!

Marketers who've spent any amount of time online know the importance of relationship building and its role in their marketing effectiveness! The discussion above is a review of the 3 stages all marketers must go through to get noticed and gain the trust of others in order to experience a serious boost in their sales! As you see this process does require a bit of diligence and patience however the increase in your marketing effectiveness makes these efforts worthwhile!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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