At first, you would think that social media and dentistry won’t make a great pair. After all, not all medical professionals are familiar about this trend. For some of them, social media is such a silly thing to do and is only a waste of time. They do not know that they are losing a lot of potential patients on it.

Yes, believe it or not, a lot of patients spend their time on social media. They use this platform to look for information about dentists, such as opening hours, reviews, and even the clinic location. Sad to say, despite the modernization and the advancements in technology, many dentists are afraid to welcome the new social media trend. Here are four reasons.

1. They believe that serious medical professionals don’t need the power of Facebook and Twitter.

It’s not surprising how a large percentage of the population has Facebook and Twitter accounts. What’s surprising is the fact that many dental professionals steer clear of it. Why? For them, being a medical professional is a serious job. And being in this network is such an unprofessional thing to do.
Well, Facebook and Twitter might just be virtual networks. But you should not underestimate them. Considering the fact that these platforms have millions of users and your practice is not as big as that number, would you think twice and take advantage of their leads?

2. They think nobody means business on social media.
If you scroll on the news feed of these platforms, you would see plenty of cat and dog images. Even so, there are still people out there who regularly log onto these platforms to seek professional advice on serious matters, including things related to dentistry.

That only means social media is a great place to get your dental practice going. Build a network and start providing solutions to reach out to potential patients.

3. They assume social media is only an expensive investment that won’t do their practice any good.

Many medical professionals say that social media is a waste of time. Worst is that they think it’s an expensive investment.

Truth be told, social media is a completely different thing. It’s not your ordinary, traditional marketing material that requires time and effort to spread out. In just one click, you can send essential information to your desired audience. It’s that easy! And what’s even better is that you don’t need to spend much on it.

But if you have several dollars to spare, why not consider creating an online campaign that will yield attainable results? Don’t worry. You can track and measure the ROI. Most social media platforms come with features that allow you to easily measure the results.

Now that we have busted all the dental marketing misconceptions, would you still think social media and dentistry don’t make a great pair? We suggest you change your way of thinking. Don’t let hearsays keep you from using social media for your dental practice. It’s a powerful tool you must take advantage in starting today. The sooner you use it, the earlier you will reap the rewards. Take it from the experts!

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Cynthia is freelance writer, an author and content marketing specialist. When not working probably spending time with her family.