These diets not only help to cleanse the body, but also improve digestion. It is important to conduct them only during the recommended time. Otherwise, unwanted effects may appear.

Do you doubt what you need to do to cleanse the body? Fortunately, for this purpose, there are special diets. They will help to "restart" the work of the most important organs, and thus strengthen their health. In addition, they are low in fat.

Obviously, more and more people are interested in natural remedies to purify the body. If you are concerned about symptoms such as bloating, gas and a feeling of heaviness, read our article! We will tell you how to properly carry out these three diets.

Be careful, these are short-term diets. It is not recommended to eat this way for a long time. However, with the right approach, they will help eliminate toxins, fight with constipation and improve metabolism.

Today we want to share with you three types of cleansing diets. First of all, it is an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, you will not only lose weight but also strengthen your health! Do you already want to try them?

What do I need to know before I start?

As a rule, cleansing diets are aimed at several purposes. First, to cleanse the organs of the excretory system. These include the liver, kidneys and colon. If toxins accumulate in them, it disrupts the work and causes problems.

Secondly, these diets include light foods. In other words, they are easily assimilated. Therefore, they regulate digestion and reduce inflammation. In particular, they increase the resistance of the organism to diseases and improve the state of health. if you want to take medicines as fo alternative.

Be careful! These power schemes are not suitable for permanent operation. The fact is that they are quite strict in regard to the selection and quantity of products. It is advisable that you follow them no more than 7 days. A total of three or four times a year.

What foods are prohibited in cleansing diets

Many of the products that we all eat regularly have properties that are incompatible with a strict diet. Although not all of them are "harmful", some of them interfere with the purification of the body.

These are the following products:

Sausages or jerky meat
Red meat
Processed products or semi-finished products
Canned food
Bakery products
Saturated vegetable and butter
Fast Food
Non-alcoholic and soft drinks
Coffee and chocolate

3 diets to cleanse the body
In recent years, interest in such diets has grown at times. They are included in many nutrition schemes developed by specialists. You can find many options. Among them, even adapted to specific needs.

Below we made 3 types of menus with low-fat content. You not only cleanse the body but also "burn" extra calories. Of course, after a seven-day course, you will need to maintain a balanced diet.

A cleansing diet with artichoke

If it is a matter of purifying the body, the artichoke is the most obvious choice. This green vegetable improves digestion and helps eliminate liquids. In addition, it will help to lose those extra pounds in a short time.

Breakfast: one cup of artichoke with lemon, fruit salad and two slices of wholemeal bread.

The second breakfast: a glass of vegetable milk or freshly squeezed orange juice.

Lunch: a plate of brown rice with artichokes. The second option is a salad of artichoke with tomato and celery.

Afternoon snack: fruit salad and two capsules with artichoke extract (can be found in pharmacies or natural food stores).

Dinner: grilled artichokes, accompanied by a chicken breast.
ote: This diet should not last more than three days.

Take this into consideration before you begin.

Cleansing diet with oats
According to experts, oats are one of the most complete grains. Perhaps, it contains all the necessary nutrients. That is why, it is often included in cleansing diets.

In addition, it contains fiber and antioxidants. In turn, they are a key factor for the removal of waste.

Breakfast: three spoons of oatmeal with milk and four berries of strawberries.
The second breakfast: a fruit or a plate of vegetable broth.
Lunch: three tablespoons of oatmeal on water or milk. Vegetable salad and grilled chicken breast.
Snack: fruit juice or herbal tea.
Dinner: three spoonfuls of oatmeal on water or milk. Salad with asparagus - season it with olive oil and a pinch of salt.
Note: remember that the maximum term of this diet is 5 days. If desired, replace the proposed dishes with similar ones. The main thing is that they also had oats.

Cleansing diet with tomato

According to experts, tomato is one of the most useful products. Especially when it comes to clearing the body. That's why he is the main hero of one of the most famous net diets in the world.

Before breakfast: a glass of fresh tomato juice.
Breakfast: two boiled tomatoes seasoned with oregano, olive oil and salt.
The second breakfast: a glass of fresh tomato juice.
Lunch: a plate of lettuce from tomatoes, with bean sprouts and bell peppers. You can also add chicken breast grilled or salmon steamed.
Afternoon snack: a glass of fresh tomato juice.
Dinner: tomato salad with artichokes, red pepper and fish.
Before going to sleep: finish the day with another glass of tomato juice
Note: Remember that this diet can be kept for no more than 3 days. In case you will feel hungry, we recommend adding ingredients with low fat and calories. For example, such as fruits or whole grains .

Think about whether you have digestive problems. Do you think that it is too slow? Or maybe worried about the heaviness in the abdomen?

If you notice these symptoms, it's probably time to take care of yourself. Before you start taking medicine, try one of these cleansing diets. Follow our recommendations and you will see a positive result. In just a week you will feel much better!

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