3 Dirty Sex Tactics That Will Make Her BEG You to Make Love to Her: Pleasing Your Woman

The thing that a good number of guys don't understand is that love making is vital to make a relationship work. Here's why. A woman may not know what she really wants in a boyfriend, but she would certainly knows what she wants in bed. Every woman wants to climax, and she wants to be treated like a princess in the bedroom. Few guys know the real secret to giving a sexual partner both of these things, but learning the tactics you need to make it all happen for her is easier than you think.

Here's the thing - while most guys seem to know that good sex would improve relationships, what they do not realize is this - that if you can give them a good time during sex, then they would overlook your weaknesses in the relationship. Therefore without further ado, let's enumerate the best tactics you can use to make your sexual partner orgasm in bed AND feel like a sex goddess in the process. Learn, in three effortless methods, the most effective way to make a woman experience a vastly satisfying orgasm and completely love you for it...

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

"Sexual Position". Every guy and gal has got their own likes and dislikes about lovemaking positions. Some favor fast movements, while others favor it nice and slow. The trick here is to understand when to go fast and when to go nice and slow. You will need to pay attention to her response and vary your movements accordingly. When she is enjoying a particular touch at a particular location, continue or intensify the pace.

"Dirty Vocabulary". All guys have dirty thoughts - so TELL her what you think. Tell her what you're thinking of what you want to do TO her. Dirty talk will frequently turn a woman on sexually, and make her feel extra sensual. Try it!

"Last Longer." If you ejaculate too prematurely, then you're not getting the job done - because in general women need longer time to get excited and reach climax multiple times over. You see, a regular woman typically needs fifteen to twenty minutes of intense stimulation from the guy in order to climax - therefore, if cannot last that long, then she will not be able to orgasm, period. The thing is that she may you another chance or two, but if you remain "underperforming" then she would be sexually frustrated with your sexual performance. After that, it's only a matter of time until she is not returning your message or calls.

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You are about to discover how to give your woman MULTIPLE ORGASMS. Multiple orgasms are extremely powerful for a woman and when you give your woman them on a regular basis, she will want to have sex with you every day.

Listen up.

The reality for most women is that they have only ever had an orgasm as a result of clitoral stimulation. In other words, they have only ever had CLITORAL ORGASMS. And despite the fact that clitoral orgasms are great, there is a problem with a woman only having clitoral orgasms.

The problem is that after a woman has a clitoral orgasm, her clitoris will become 'hyper-sensitive'. This means that most women do not want any more clitoral stimulation after having a clitoral orgasm. So if all you give your woman are clitoral orgasms -- you are making sure that she can only every have one orgasm per sexual session.

The question you are probably asking yourself right now is:

"How do I give my woman multiple orgasms?"

And that's a great question.

Glad you asked.

Here's your answer...

Firstly, you must understand that most females believe they can have only one orgasm per love-making session. The reason why they believe this is because this is all they know.

Think about it -- they masturbate by rubbing their clitoris and they have orgasms during sex by rubbing their clitoris. For most women, they think ORGASM and automatically think CLITORIS.

They have no idea that they have the potential to climax in other ways.

So don't make a big deal out of giving your woman multiple orgasms. Don't tell her what you are doing. Just get her to enjoy the experience you are taking her on in the bedroom and allow the orgasms to follow.

In fact, if you tell your woman you are going to give her multiple orgasms, she may simply tell you she can't have them and this will create a deeper mental block in her mind. So do not tell her what you are planning to do. Just make it happen.

Begin the love-making session by giving your woman a clitoral orgasm. This type of orgasm is really a 'warm up' for what's to come a bit later.

You can use your fingers or ORAL SEX to get her off this way.

The next thing you need to do is to give your woman a VAGINAL ORGASM. The best way to give your woman a vaginal orgasm is to use your well lubricated middle finger to give her g-spot or deep spot stimulation.

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Can you see what you've just done?

You've already given her two orgasms. In other words -- you've given her MULTIPLE ORGASMS (something 80% of guys will never do for their lovers).

You've also destroyed your woman's belief that she can only have one orgasm per love-making session. And you did it not by telling her the facts, but by making multiple orgasms a reality for her.

Very powerful.

But let's not stop at two orgasms.

No, no, no... you see, the vagina doesn't suffer any hyper-sensitivity after orgasm (unlike the clitoris). So after you've given your woman a g-spot or deep spot vaginal orgasm -- you can go right ahead and give her another.

And another.

The truth is that once you give your woman vaginal orgasms, she has the capability to come over and over again.

I've known women who can have up to 20 vaginal orgasms in a single hour. Needless to say, these women have extremely high sex-drives because the sex is so enjoyable for them.

Here is a fool-proof way to give your woman the kind of sex that will make her want to 'get it on' with you EVERY DAY:

- Begin with a clitoral orgasm

- Follow up with two vagina orgasms (Do this by massaging her g-spot or deep spot with your middle finger)

- Have intercourse and give her another vaginal orgasm

Do that, and your woman will want to have sex every day. Guaranteed.

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When you satisfy a girl in bed she will naturally orgasm when you have sex with her. Knowing how to go about the entire act and doing the things she likes will satisfy her.

Flirt and entice her. A girl loves to be flirted with and enticed if she has found you attractive and is willing for more from you. If you know you are the perfect guy any girl would like then you're half way through. Talk flirtatiously and humorously and make her laugh and enjoy your company. Use puns and jokes to make her laugh at almost anything you say.

Appreciate and praise her. Be serious when you compliment and appreciate her looks and other attributes. If you've noticed her wearing a particular color of dress more often then tell her the color suits her. Appreciate her hair-do or style and the color. May be it matches or complements the color of her eyes, so tell her that. You could find so many things to appreciate about her. All this will arouse her and draw her towards you.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Caress and cuddle her. By now you will gauge if she's game for more. Caress her on the exposed parts of her body before you begin to undress her. Caress and cuddle those parts of her body that you have exposed now. Stroke her and kiss her on those parts. She will be almost impatient for more by now and well on the way to orgasming in a while.

Stimulate and stroke her. Now is the time for proper stimulation. If you go about all this systematically you are sure to make a girl orgasm every time. Stimulate her on the breasts and nipples. Stroke her thighs and then titillate the clitoris and the vaginal lips. Gradually slip your finger in to stimulate the vaginal path. While you do this locate the g spot and stimulate this too. There is no way she can avoid orgasming every time you make love to her.

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On what grounds do women select a potential mate? What are they truly looking for in a man of their dreams? Well different women do have different preferences but there are some sort of males which are liked by almost every woman out there. What special factors do these males possess that makes women chase them like crazy? You see they do something which triggers instant attraction from a lot of females and most of these men are not even that good looking or rich. Read on to discover what these special factors are and how you can use them too to achieve earth shattering results with women.......

Having a world of your own- Now what does this mean? Well this normally means that you must have a world of your own which would not change only because a female has come into it. What happens most of the times is that when a guy talks to a girl he tries to alter his behavior and often tries to impress her at any cost. You must have the attitude which shows that you are not there to impress her rather she is the one who is lucky to sit next to you. Nothing is your world would change only because she is around.

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Never be too impressed even if she is the most good looking women in the world- This is another trait you must have when it comes to the matter of being good with women. You see when you don't act too impressed by a woman's looks then she instantly assumes that you are different from the rest and you are not giving her the same special treatment like the rest of the guys do.

Being completely comfortable with yourself no matter what you look like- This is the most important aspect you must master and this is the reason why looks don't count that much when it comes to the matter of getting women. You see when you are confident being the way you are women will naturally feel the attraction towards you because your behavior is what really determines your level of success with women.

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