There are various laws of nature which are not man-made. These laws are given by the divine. They apply to every nation, every person irrespective of gender, age, beliefs, race, etc. They are always applicable like 1st century or 30th century. These laws of nature are beyond time and space and are taught by various religions and Saints across the world. These divine laws, when properly applied in life, lead to tremendous benefits. Three such powerful laws of nature are:

1. Law of Karma

2. Law of Giving

3. Golden Rule

These three divine laws are inter-related. Let us understand these divine laws in detail and see how they can help us transform our lives.

Karma is a commonly used word. When something goes wrong in life, people say – It’s all my karma. Karma is blamed for negative situations in life like misfortune, ill-health, accidents etc. But what exactly is karma? Is karma a mysterious force that guides our life? Can we do anything about karma, or we are just bound to our karma? Let us see some details of karma in this article.

Meaning of Karma is any action, word, thought, emotion generated by us. Day in and day out, we generate many thoughts and emotions, speak many words, perform various actions. All these components fall under the bucket of karma. Karma can be broadly classified into two types.

1. Positive karma

2. Negative karma

Any karma that does good to others and self is positive karma. Examples of positive karma are helping someone in need, taking good care of our body, nurturing others with loving words, etc. Any karma that hurts others and self is negative karma. Examples of negative karma are hurting another person, cheating someone, physically or verbally abusing etc. No one can do only positive karma all the time. Being human, it is common to do both positive and negative karma in daily life.

How does karma impact our life? What are the consequences of karma? To understand this, let us understand the Law of Karma. Law of Karma states that – what you sow, so shall you reap. If you sow the seeds of mango, only mango fruit can come. Similarly, if you sow the seeds of bitter gourd, only bitter gourds can come and not mangoes. Same with the karma. Whatever we sow in karma, we get back the same result. This law is taught in all religions across the world and by all Saints.

Below are some pointers on these 3 divine laws – Law of Karma, Law of Giving and Golden Rule:
1. We sow karma through our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.

2. Every karma, no matter how small or big it is, has a consequence. When we do positive karma, we reap positive consequences. When we do negative karma, we reap negative consequences.

3.Multiplicity factor: When we sow one seed of mango, we don’t reap only one mango fruit. We reap hundreds of mangoes. It is the same with our karma too. We reap the results many times.

4.Time lag: When we sow a seed, fruit does not come immediately. It takes some time. It is the same with our karma too. It takes time for the karma to mature in our life.

5. The Law of Karma is not fatalistic or a way of punishing us. It is a great tool given by nature to help us learn lessons and create our future.

Law of karma
6. All of us desire good health, happiness, prosperity, peace in our life. To have these in our life, we need to sow these seeds. How to sow the seeds? Law of Giving says it is in giving that we receive. So, we need to start giving whatever we want. If we want love, we should start loving others. If we want good health, we should start helping others lead a healthy life through our actions like contributing to the medical expenses of a financially backward person or blood donation, etc. If we want money, we should start donating money.

7. When we generate positive karma in our life, it comes back to us in the form of good health, happiness, prosperity, harmonious relationships, peace. When we generate negative karma in our life, it comes back to us in the form of ill-health, relationship issues, financial troubles, etc. This karma can be from this life or past life. We cannot control what we have done in our past life or past. But we can control what we are going to do in the future.

1. Donate money to people going through tough times. All the religions of the world have recommended donating a minimum of 10% of our income towards charity. If 10% sounds too much, you can at least start with 1% of your income and gradually increase the money for charity. Donating money to people in need brings good luck, prosperity, and blessings.

2. Spend at least 3 hours per week in helping others through service or volunteering. You can teach a subject you are good at or visit old age homes and give your time or nurture and guide a child from an orphanage or teach meditation for free etc. Find ways to contribute your skills to the development of others. When you share your skills to impact lives around you positively, you become more skillful, resourceful, and new opportunities come your way.

3. Pray for the well-being of others, especially for people who are going through difficult times. Some of us may wonder – how does our prayer matter? When we pray for others, blessings of the divine go to them and give the inner strength to face the challenges they are going through and to find a solution. Our prayers give hope and solace to others.

4. Pray for world peace and the welfare of the entire humanity.

5. Do loving-kindness meditation and bless the entire Earth with loving-kindness and peace. To practice loving-kindness meditation, check out the resource section.

6. Treat others with kindness and respect.

9. For a happy life, positive karma is important. Along with it, not generating negative karma is also important. Below are some ways of not generating negative karma.

1. Do not steal the credit of others.

2. Do not be violent or hurtful towards others through actions and words.

3. Do not use pirated software or movies or books. Say no to piracy.

4. Do not gossip about others.

5. Do not cheat others.

6. Do not lie.

10. Golden Rule says that do to others only that which you want others to do to you and do not do to others that which you don’t want others to do to you. No one likes to be cheated or abused. So, don’t cheat others if you don’t want to be cheated. Everyone likes to be treated with respect. So, treat others with respect.

These are the three laws of nature. When we start living our life based on these three rules of nature, our life transforms. It looks as if we are born lucky, and we end up being in the right place doing the right thing at the right time. Such is the power of these laws of nature. They help us create our future like we desire.

Enjoy creating your life as you desire! May all your dreams come true!

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