There's little argument that 'offering' unique content to your readers when blogging is the best way to keep them satisfied! The key here is to offer visitors to your site something interesting to read! Investing your own efforts however to create something original is NOT always the best way to keep the visitors to your site happy! Although your efforts are always to be admired, sometimes this same effort, or too much of it, can work against you!

Here are 3 reasons why you may want to consider using the efforts of other writers to help you keep your blog updated!

Relevancy Issues

When blogging it's inevitable you'll run out of ideas and/or motivation to compose something new! When this occurs you'll find that by forcing yourself to write something does not always yield the best results! In fact you may even be tempted to veer off 'track' from the theme of your blog resulting in an update that offers little relevance to your readers!

Snooze Worthy

Based upon the same principles as was mentioned above, by virtue of 'forcing' yourself to maintain a 'frantic' writing pace may result in you producing rubbish! It's one thing to occasionally post something that is not clearly relevant to your theme but it's quite another when it's simply NOT interesting to read! The last thing you want to do is give your readers the impression you've lost your creative writing ability simply because they may elect not to return!

Labor Intensity

Creating every 'scrape' of content you post can be VERY labor intensive which can lead to fatigue, stress and even the possibility of you quitting! Remember, you're only human and will occasionally need a break! As long as you provide the visitors to your site something interesting to read that reflect relevance to your theme, you're good to go! People don't typically care who created what they're viewing as long as it informs, enlightens or entertains them in some way!

You do NOT always have to be the source of the unique content you publish for your readers when blogging! In fact as our discussion above implies, the more you write the tougher it can become to create something interesting to read for the visitors to your site! The best way to work around this challenge is to enlist the help of other writers or even borrow already published content to post on your platform! Of course when posting the work of another on your site always credit the source so as not to be guilty of plagiarism! Provided you keep your readers happy with what you publish, they will tend to care little about who actually created what they are viewing!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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