What if it could be New Years Eve everyday? What if we could simply forgive ourselves for what has been, refocus on what we want in our lives and then get excited? Would that make a difference in your life? Knowing that you had a chance to start over?

The thing is you, do. Each year you have 365 opportunities with an extra bonus in a leap year. How good is that!

The big key to living a joyful, fulfilled and successful life comes down to our mindset and our beliefs. By learning to shift our mindset we can see incredible and remarkable changes.

Every single day we have thousands of choices. Sometimes we will make the right choice to take us towards what we are seeking, sometimes we won’t. Putting our head in the sand when we make that not so good choice, doesn’t help either. Yet by using the special gift that presents itself at the end of each day, we can take the chance to forgive ourselves, refocus and start anew.

Why not try this today? Before going to bed tonight think about your day. This easy 3 step process will help shift your focus, help you let go of the past. You will focus on the blessings in your life. Allow yourself enough time to sit in the process. This isn’t just a thinking tool, it is a feeling one. It takes about 5 minutes a day.

1. What are all the good things that happened today? What gifts did I receive? What was the best thing I heard? What was the best thing I saw? What was the best thing some one did for me? Take a few moments to really give thanks to God for these wonderful blessings. Relax for a few moments feeling joy, peace and love. Feel it with every cell in your body.

2. How did I spend my day? Did I make good choices? Did I make choices that took me one step closer to living the life I want? What was the best thing I did for someone else to do? If there were times that I didn't act, think or feel the way I wanted to, take a few moments to forgive myself. (Really allow yourself to forgive yourself for your mistakes. We all make them.) Ask what could I have done instead? Not to "beat yourself up" rather to realise that you always have choices.
Take a moment to give yourself love.

3. Think about tomorrow. Take a few moments to give thanks for it NOW. Intend it to be the best day of your life. See yourself in a state of joy knowing that no matter what happens you are enough, you are worthy and you are loved.

The benefits of this simple process are truly incredible. Enjoy.

Author's Bio: 

elicity Baker is a mindset expert. She suffered from clinical anxiety for over 30 years before overcoming it. It nearly destroyed her life when she found herself in a hospital emergency ward unable to swallow anything including her own saliva.

After months of testing Felicity discovered there was nothing physically wrong with her. Anxiety manifested itself in her body by quite literally being unable to swallow. She had created the whole situation with her mind.

In under 3 years and with having to retrain herself to eat first, Felicity transformed her life to one of joy and passion and now helps others to do the same.

Discover how to start transforming your own life using the same tools Felicity used to change her life for the better. Visit http://www.feartojoy.com for your FREE 3 part series.