Creating a unique brand identity for your events will help people associate your organization with trust, reliability, and value for their money. Preliminary requirements for brand elements are name, logo, taglines or catchphrases, images or graphics, sound, and shape etc.

Before commencing on branding your event, it is helpful to understand the event from the consumer’s point of view. Ask yourself the questions- is the content unique, is the conference organizer trustworthy, is there consistency in your events, and is the information applicable in the real world? Once you have a clarity on these points, you can use them in promoting the event.

Branding an event can be done using 3 easy ways:

Online: Creating a buzz on social media for your event is very important as it creates awareness among a massive audience around the globe. You can create a Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, Twitter account, and LinkedIn post to promote branding of the event. Apart from this, by using your own website you can easily promote the event via banner ads, pop-up messages, newsletters, etc.

Using images, graphics, engaging content, infographics, quizzes, pop-up fun facts about the speaker, conference, and location will help your audience subconsciously remember the event and ultimately creates branding.

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Merchandise: Any stationary, badges, photo props, goodie bags, fridge magnets, or any other form of souvenirs with your event logo and details will act as a memento and create brand awareness for the event. Apart from these, any material provided during the CME medical conference which is embellished with your organization or event's logo, taglines, and other details will be useful for the delegate to recollect about the event and the conference topics.

Print: This traditional style of marketing still creates a powerful impact on consumers. Branding your event using print media via articles, magazines, print advertisement, brochures, pamphlets, outdoor advertisement, etc can create a buzz and awareness among potential customers.

Using images with engaging content can attract the right customers and give the right amount of information about your event.

If you are still confused on how to brand your next CME medical conference, contact us for assistance. Our marketing professionals have in-depth knowledge on how to promote medical conferences and events using the most effective tactics to get your desired results.

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