When things are going exactly as planned, it is easy to be happy but there will be many times when an unexpected obstacle will flip you on your back. Obstacles are great because they teach us about our limitations and potential blind spots. But again, that's just me seeing the positive side of everything and there really is a magical formula to doing this every time you think things are not going as planned, think again (please).

We all know or have been that person grumbling about day-to-day mishaps or the more subtle complainer that finds fault in everything. But what happens if that person is you? Here are 3 ways to bump UP your positive and climb out of your seemingly dark pit into better days.

1. Pray

Dear God, Buddha, Yahweh, Krishna, Holy Spirit, Allah, Jehovah or ALL of them for that matter. I am not exactly rooted in religious programs BUT I fully endorse turning things over to a higher power. Try it. If you need to wait for a super dark day, that is fine too. Simply state your issue and fully feel that the problem is not only solved but done so better than you ever could have imagined. That is all. That is why prayer is so popular, and like many things in our modern-day, this too is easy (and effective).

2. Affirmations

You have heard this before and perhaps you have actively practiced it. As is often common, our life gets good and we drop all of our positive practices and ride the wave down, only to wake up and wonder how we got there. Getting back to the basics. Get out your handy little blackberry or whatever that vibrating thing in your pocket is and open up a the "note" section. Picture your highest ideal self (place yourself in the ideal life that you would love to have right now) staying in this space, write/text out what you affirm about yourself. Starting it off with, "I am happy and healthy (fill in with what you want, really want from this life, using present tense and including the word NOW and ending with thank you). Okay, now you need to repeat this magical (and it is) phrase first thing in the morning, several times throughout your day and just before bed. If you have insomnia, great! (I really am an internal optimist!) You can repeat this affirmation all night. Your life, if not already the one of your dreams will transform based on your affirmation. They are THAT powerful and again easy.

3. Read

We tend to worry or over think when our minds are idle. I would suggest reading non fiction in your area of expertise but most people will roll their eyes and I swear I can hear them saying yuck. Read what speaks to you. You can not think of the worst case scenario if you are wrapped up in a book you really like. If you are not a non fiction reader (which will push your pebble out of its hole, I promise) then stick to something positive and even comical in fiction. Avoid books on death or worst possible scenarios. Reading is an easy and mostly enjoyable thing to do and will help you enhance your state of mind.

If you find yourself annoyed with the happy people of this world, there is a good chance that you are not among them (sounds like a zombie movie). Become one of them and you TOO can be annoying.

Have a GREAT day!

Author's Bio: 

Kari Waldner is the owner of Scrub Masters Commercial Cleaning in Saskatoon, a janitorial company that offers office cleaning for businesses. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact her directly at kariwaldner@scrubmasters.ca or visit their web page scrubmasters.ca.