Are you making your own bath salts and bath products? If you are then you are probably looking for ways to turn this hobby into a business. With the potential of big profit margins and a hungry market, you simply need to find a good way to sell it. Making the product itself is really important. If you have a good product then selling it becomes much easier.

So, how can you sell your products? Although there are the obvious route like town fares and markets it rarely builds a business. It might help you move some products but if you are serious about turning it into a business that creates a good and steady stream of sales then you need something bigger and better. Here are 3 easy ideas that you can start working on immediately.

1. Approach Retail Stores

While you might not have too much success with the really big chains, you can approach all the smaller retail stores and ask them to sell your products. Its imperative that you have a very professional approach and that your products present well. You can offer them some of your products as a test to see if it sells and works for them. Many retail stores will be more than willing to do this if you approach them correctly.

2. Online Stores

While you can start your own online store, you will find that its incredibly competitive and a very hard market to break into. You might have a lot more success by approaching larger online stores and ask them to stock your products on their online store front. You will probably have a lot more success by picking up the phone and calling the webmaster directly or even sending them some products directly.

3. Drop Shipping

One way to really expand your online opportunities is to offer a drop shipping service. Most eBay sellers use this and it basically means that someone else does the selling while you fulfil the order and the shipping. You can list yourself in drop ship directories and potentially have online stores sell your products globally. It can be quite demanding but it can allow you to move a lot of products quickly.

You need to keep in mind that your competition will be quite fierce. Not only are you competing with bug name companies with huge financial backing behind them. If you want to stand a chance then you need to focus on creating something unique and on bringing a unique angle to what is already on the market.

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