A survey was conducted among school students to study the various reasons that are forcing them to look for write my assignment help. The results revealed several reasons among which ‘I do not find time’ and ‘I cannot write my assignments’ were very prominent.

Another prominent reason for taking finance assignment help is the trouble of finding topics. Sometimes, teachers do not state any topic and leave it to the students.
Wondering how assignment help aids the students in such a circumstance? The service providers associated with the writing industry are giving suggestions by providing a list of topics. Students can just choose a topic and write the paper.

If students raise questions on the originality of the topic, service providers suggest them to use plagiarism checker to check the authenticity. They claim that the topics are original, unique and have an excellent scope for assignment writing.

These service providers also give proofreading services along with suggesting relevant topics, as an additional benefit so that students can score better grades.
However, if students look a little further, they will find different writing prompts. A prompt is an idea on which students start jotting their thoughts. These points help to design the content of the essay.
Prompts also help students to overcome the writer’s block which they face with finding topics. A prompt can be anything starting from a single word, a video clip, a picture, even audio clip, etc.

How can students find a prompt?
Prompts are a wonderful thing for students, and they can find it in the simplest things of life. Let us see a few of those prompts.

Life plans and long-term goals
This is a good prompt for writing. Students can make a list of what they have planned to do in the next few years of their life. The prompts can be about their ambition, their future plans, or where they would like to be in the next few years, etc.

For example:
• My travel plans or places I have planned to travel (mentioning the reasons)
• Where do I see myself in five years
• The Ambition of my life (stating the reasons why he/she is doing the present course)

The ‘what if scenario.'
Every student has some secret dreams which can provide a good prompt. They can think about any ‘what if’ scene and write on it. This prompt has a good scope of extensive writing in details and also allows students to show their creative skills.
For example:
• What if I find a million one day under my bed?
• What if suddenly I woke up and found myself an adult?
• What if one day I find I do not have to study anymore?

Funny daydreams and wishes
Students daydream and have their own wishes. This can act as an excellent prompt to exhibit their brainstorming capabilities and thought process. Students can get a variety of ideas from here.
For example:
• Its year 2505 and I own a personal robot
• Traveling to the moon for the weekend
• Using the wormhole for space travel

These are a few examples of prompts on which the students can work to find great and unique topics for writing. Finding prompts is not at all tough. Students need to look deeper into the things that are in front of them.

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Ben Johansan completed his studies on language and creative writing. He has worked with several publishing firms while writing different kinds of books on his field of expertise. At present, he is involved with MyAssignmenthelp.com providing essay assignment help to students.