A good visual strategy plays a crucial role in effectively engaging your audience on social media. If you look for effective ways to enhance engagement on your Twitter or Facebook, the best place to start is on your visual strategy.

A recent study conducted by HubSpot has showed that adding an eye-catching image to go along with your updates on Facebook or Twitter, or any other social media, will more likely generate 53 percent more engagement from your followers or circles. If you’re doing it already, you are right on track.

With that said, read on below three easy image strategies that can enhance engagement on your social media, and ultimately result to more traffic and sale.

1. Create a tweetable image

Using a tweetable image on social media is not only effective but also easy to use. All you need is a nice or interesting image, in which you can add a caption or a memorable quote using an photo editing tool like Paint on your PC or laptop or a photo editing site like PicMonkey.com.

If you want to create more professional looking and quality tweetable images, you can use Photoshop. That is, if you know how to use it.

The next time you update your Facebook, Tweeter or Pinterest accounts you now have ready to use images to go along with your posts.

You will be surprised by the effectiveness and response you get from followers, business associates and friends.

2. Make use of a sneak peek image

You have to remember that the people who are active on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media portals are there primarily to connect with people, have fun, and intermingle with like-minded individuals.

Making use of a sneak peek picture about yourself and your business is a great way to connect with your audience in a more personal way.

3. Utilize a call to action image

The call to action strategy on all your social media activities is what makes your business successful, or not. So be more creative with it. Don’t just tell your audience what is the next step to do. Utilize a captivating image that goes with your call to action.

These are just three of the most effective ways to skyrocket audience engagement and get more from your social media. You can also use these strategies on your blog or business website.

Start treating your fans and followers on social media with great visuals. Get started today!

Author's Bio: 

Jam Dwade is a business and social media management consultant. He is also a proponent of women entrepreneurs empowerment. Find out more at http://www.macswomensummit.com/.