Like it or not, we all need to persuade one another at all times. It can be for ourselves, loved ones and our friends. If you are in sales and marketing, you definitely need to persuade more than anyone else for people to buy your products and services. Here are 3 effective methods that you need to know.

1. Create A Need Or Desire

This is one of the three core components. Before even getting people to buy, you need to create a need or desire as reasons why people should buy from you rather than your competitors.

2. Appealing To Worldwide Audience

This is another persuasion method you can look into it.

What this basically means is following and doing exactly what famous celebrities have done. A great example will be to create a TV commerical for viewers to see and be motivated to buy a certain product or sign up for certain service or subscription.

This is typically with beauty and weight loss advertisements where you see celebrities acting as ambassadors for the companies involved. To

Because TV commerical has a much bigger exposure to worldwide audience, your chances of achieving success with persuading people will be much greater.

3. Using Captivating Words And Images

Besides creating a need or desire and appealing to worldwide audience, using captivating and images is just as important. For doing this right or wrong could make a huge difference in your success or failure.

Think about those advertisements I mentioned above. Especially the videos. What do you like about those videos? Why are they touching to you? And finally what makes you take action to make a purchase.

Even if it does not involve advertising, think about the time when you get persuaded or seeing others getting persuaded. It can be one person talking to another. One person talking to two and more people. Or even two persons talking to one and more people.

Looking from a wider perspective, the power of persuasion boils down to psychology and ability to install core beliefs and values into other people. That is by getting them motivated through using specific methods as discussed above.

Overall your ability to persuade people will certainly make a huge difference in their lives as well as yours. It can even motivate others should the people you persuaded share what you did with their families, friends and relatives.

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