There's little argument that content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use online! This particular tactic allows for the author to not only increase their exposure online but to also become more influential with readers as well! It is this influence that gets readers to take the desired actions the author is looking for but for this strategy to work there are 3 important elements needed!

Clear Intent

The focus or objective of the reading material you compose must be clear and also 'deliver' information that pertains only to this subject matter! When people conduct a search for a certain type of content online, the new search algorithm by Google shows them only those results that contain what they're looking for! Starting with your title or heading and getting into the body of your content, there must be a consistency for your efforts to show up in the search results! When this occurs the content author gets more exposure online and provided what you offer is of good quality, this helps make you more influential with readers! Simply stick with your intended topic and remain focused on it throughout the body of what you published!


Always remember readers can never get too much information on anything they have an interest in when you write any content! Don't 'hold back' when supplying people with facts, figures, insights or even opinions since they will appreciate what they're reading that much more! Once you gain the reputation for 'delivering the goods' as a writer, you will find yourself to be more influential with your targeted audience! When this starts to occur the author will experience greater reader loyalty and trust which is why creating and publishing information on the internet is such an effective marketing strategy!


Even the best writing efforts or the highest quality content created can be rendered useless unless it is distributed properly! For you to get more exposure online with any content you created you MUST take measures to 'place' it where it can be found and read! Whether you submit your writings to article directories, link to them on social media sites or even post them to a blog, you must position your efforts where they can be found! Distribution is just as important as creation when it comes to content in order for it to work effectively for your purposes!

Content marketing has long been considered one of the most effective marketing strategies in use on the internet! The reason for this is due primarily to how its circulation can increase your exposure online along with allowing you to become more influential with your readers! This influence of course is dependent upon the information you offer being accurate, helpful and relevant! The 3 key elements any campaign will need when distributing information online are reviewed above and reinforced by the current search algorithm introduced by Google! Since writing takes time and effort, it only makes sense to be sure what you create contains these essential elements for you to experience the greatest benefits!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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