This article specifies on three vital documents to prepare while considering to franchising a business. Read the article for a detailed overview.

Converting your existing business model into a franchising venture isn’t an easy process. It requires the right industry knowledge, expertise, and skillset to go through all the steps and regulations involved and come up with a workable plan to manage everything efficiently. It also involves a set of legal obligations which, must be adhered to for establishing a well-compliant venture as well. Having said that, there are a few essential legal documents which, you need to develop for franchising a business. These help in documenting the specific rights and responsibilities of both the parties i.e., the franchisor and franchisee and thus, serve as the foundation of the franchise relationship.

Following here is an overview provided on some of the most important documents you need to prepare for franchising your business.

Franchise agreement

This document is a uniform one, meant for all the franchisees operating in the franchisor’s network, which allows the franchisor to fairly treat all the franchisees on similar terms. In case there are variations in the agreement for addressing some special circumstances of franchisees, it will be ideally dealt in a proper side letter or schedules to franchise agreement, which, should be duly signed by both the parties.

This document mainly comprises of both the parties’ details, brand name and its usage, business structure, along with other various features and key terms. The obligations clause of franchisees will basically include ongoing and initial training, accounts and financing, staffing, minimum performance, fees and payment mode, compliance with the insurance and business system, and business attendance.

Trademark license

Having a trademark license is of paramount importance for the franchisor as it will allow him to secure or protect his individual rights over the brand – trading name or logo. It can be an individual document or being included in the franchise agreement as well. The main purpose is to establish the specific fact that the franchisees were being given the right to make use of the trademark of the franchisor.

Protecting the franchisor’s brand name is very crucial while franchising. And this document will allow him to do so with the help of a registered trademark.

Operations manual

It is important to have an operations manual for every franchise which, specifies all the operational aspects of operating a business. All the franchisees are being provided with a copy of this document after signing the franchise agreement and completion of the training process. This manual can be an electronic document or a hard copy and can be accessed via the computer system of the franchisor or web portal.

The final word

Over the years, many entrepreneurs have considered this business practice to be the ideal one for expanding their operational periphery. But not all of them have been able to achieve success in the long run. This is why, you should always try to seek professional help of professional consultants who can offer detailed market knowledge and guidance on franchising a business and come up with a well-defined plan for fulfilling your specific objectives.

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