Anything is possible. There are just a few fundamentals that if understood and once implemented will create success in any venture no matter what the current circumstances
would make most people consider as practical.

I read today of a child who had nothing growing up. No consistent mother. He did not know his father. As an escape from his harsh reality as a young child and also to get back an abusive man who from time to time lived with throughout his child hood who was illiterate and hated anyone who could read and write this young eight year old boy developed a passion for reading. He would read all he could and often out loud to get back at the abusive man in his life.

This habit, this interest in learning, stayed with him throughout his life. Once he learned a few other fundamentals of life he became a multi-millionaire stock broker, an educator, an author, a faithful husband and father. He inspired success in thousands of people. How could this man who grew up in the ghetto, with no mother
or father, with abusive negative people become what he became?

Very simple. He read a great a deal as well as learned from life. He learned exactly what he did not want to be from the people surrounding him in his childhood. Through his reading as well as passion for learning he learned the few fundamentals that create success in anyone’s life. I could relate to some of this story. I too used to read often as a child to escape my environment. To escape all the things I did not like around me. He also talked about how he had a deep curiosity and always asked people who had much more than he lots of questions. I think to myself how I have that same trait and how it has benefited me throughout my life.

I remember in grade school how the bus would stop at this one girls house and everyday I would be forced to see this huge wonderful home. In the driveway there were BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. She always had the perfect clothes. She always had new shoes, a new jacket every winter, fall, and spring. I remember looking at myself one day. My coat was sized to fit someone twice my size and it was old as it was handed down from an older friend. My shoes were at least a year old. My jeans had holes in the knees. My bag had tape over holes in the side. She was not in my grade. She was much older and I did not know her but that day I
just could not take it any longer. My curiosity was way to strong so I walked up to the front of the bus, sat
down next to her, and start asking questions. I asked what her dad did? How much he earned each year? How long did it take him to earn the money? She only answered the first question. She said she didn't know to the
Second question and when I asked the third question she stood up and told me I was the rudest person she had ever met in her life. The whole bus laughed as she made such a
huge scene. I remember standing up with a smile saying out loud that one day I would have 10x the money her dad
does. I was really upset and hurt that day. Maybe embarrassed but more upset because she didn’t answer my questions. I laugh at it now. I was a bit rude. I did not even say hi, or introduce myself or ask her name. Thankfully in my years of study I have also learned how to communicate effectively with people.

I really know in my heart that anything is possible. I read one of Anthony Robbins quotes Before, "Life gives exactly what you ask of it." I believe that is true. No matter if people think certain things are not practical, as long as you believe in your heart that you are becoming what you want to become you will become it. You will achieve it. You will earn it, get it, do it, create it. Whatever the goal, thought, vision, purpose that you declare for yourself, and believe, you are creating it each day.

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