Moving to another state is probably the most exciting event for many of us, if you have hired the best moving company for long distance to help you. At least, until the time of the actual move arrives and you realise how stressful it can be as well. You probably have a lot of belongings which you are planning to move and the 'big ones’ generally includes your furniture. Following are a few tips which will help formulate moving strategies for your furniture.

Are you moving temporarily?
If you are moving to another state only for a few months then you need to consider that if it is practical, even financially to move all your belongings with you, especially your heavy furniture? Before making any decision, you need to weigh up the respective costs of transporting your furniture versus storing them back home. If you are moving for a really short amount of time, then storing your furniture is no brainer, and if you still want to take them you, then it will probably be better if you store some of your furniture in storage facilities and move only the important ones.

Discard the old ones
You are moving to a new state and probably starting your life afresh. While planning your move, you need to ask yourself, do you really want to move your cheap, heavily scratched chest of drawers or cabinets that literally falls apart whenever you use with you to your new home? It will probably be wise and you might even be saving money by discarding your useless and old furniture while moving across the country. On the plus side, it will also reduce your packing load.

Pack essentials for a Long distance move
Before you start packing, take photos of everything and create a master packing checklist, no matter whether you are hiring long distance movers to do it or doing it yourself.
To keep your furniture safe during the long distance move, you will need to secure your furniture with Blankets and furniture pads to protect them from bumps along the road. You can also use plastic wraps as they will not only protect the items but also keeps them clean. You can use cardboard pieces to secure the corners of your furniture, as well as the glass pieces by simply placing it along the edges and bending it on the corners, then securing it with masking tape.

Alternatively, you can also hire professional long distance movers who have experience in packing your furniture for the move. Whether you are moving with an open truck or moving via a ship, they will pack your furniture accordingly so that they reach your new home without any damage. You can locate reliable and trustworthy moving companies and get moving quotes online from them at Moversfolder.

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