Since the time of its inception, wallpapers have come a long way and with every passing day, it is gaining popularity because of its easy-to-use features and the appealing looks that it imparts when pasted on the interior walls of our house of the office. Wallpapers are designs printed on large sheets of paper, cloth and similar fabric and often have adhesives on the other side. This allows the installation process to be conducted with ease. These are required to be pasted on walls, and there you receive beautiful looking walls for yourself.
The need for wallpaper maintenance
Wallpapers come in various textures and types, and each has a quality of its own. Simply pasting wallpapers on the wall and forgetting about it isn’t something that should be done. It too requires maintenance despite having almost no efforts in installing them. Maintaining wallpapers is a task in itself where you need to keep in mind the quality of it. For those that are expensive and waterproof, cleaning them with water is a cakewalk but what about those that require cleaning but aren’t waterproof? While you think of all these questions and queries, here are a few maintenance tips that could sort your problems.

  • Use the vacuum cleaner – Whether it is waterproof wallpaper or a regular paper pasting, a vacuum cleaner can come to your aid. You could attach a soft brush at the end of it and lightly brush against the wallpaper especially those areas near the ceiling which isn’t visible well. Ensure that you do not stick the attachment too close to the wallpaper or brush it harshly. Three are chances of the wall getting a scratch and permanently damaging it.
  • Test before applying water or cleaning liquids – Even if they claim to be waterproof, it is always safe to test a small corner of the wall with water or cleaning fluid to check. You could use soapy water or cleaning liquid to dab on the area. If you notice the colour running or getting absorbed, it isn’t fit for a wash. You would rather have to use dry cleaning methods of using a dusting cloth once in a while to avoid the dust settling on it for long.
  • Keep waterproof walls in the kitchen and bathrooms – While you install these paper designs on your walls, you should consider using waterproof ones in the kitchen and the bathrooms if not in the other rooms. These are the places that get dirty easily especially the kitchen due to the release of grease or steam from the food that you cook. Frequently cleaning these walls can keep the walls looking beautiful without getting affected by the oil stains.
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The author Ron Spencer has had experience with maintaining interior wallpapers and has relevant information on stores in Perth for wallpaper and those installers for wall paper in Perth