Body shape and how you feel in your body is a really important factor which influences peoples moods, feelings and their life. Making sure you have firm, toned and great looking legs is a priority of most of us. With the holiday season fast approaching and the weather already starting to improve, it won’t be long until we are faced with the dilemma of taking our shirts off and exposing our bodies. Something some people dread where as other people will dread. To give yourself a fighting chance, start now with these 3 great exercises

You should include the following as part of your programme:

1. Lunges - static (there are many other types)
Works – primarily the thigh, butt and hamstring, if done with arms in the air and correctly it will also work the core

Stand with feet in lunge position. Slowly lower your body with your hips moving up and down, keeping the front knee and back knee at 90 degree angle. Keeping the weight in your heel, push back up to starting position. Do not let your knee bend much past your toes to begin…combine with cross ski’s or jumps for jelly legs

2. Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
Works – primarily the butt and hamstring, if done correctly will also work the core.

Assume start position by lying on the floor, back of calves resting against the stability ball. Lift bum off floor by lifting hips toward ceiling. Pull the ball in with your feet.

Push the ball back out with your feet. Combine with glute bridge squeezes to feel it for days after!

3. Curtsey – This one is a killer!!
Works – primarily the thigh, butt and hamstring, if done with arms in the air and correctly it will also work the core.

Bring your right foot behind you and on the other side of your left foot, as if you were curtseying. Bend your knees until the thigh of the upper leg is parallel with the floor. Keep your arms hanging by your sides or rest your hands on your hips. Use a step to allow for a deeper movement.

With these exercises, you want to do 12 to 15 repetitions, for 3 sets. Begin with no external weight and as you advance add dumbbells. Find a weight that is challenging, but not easy.

So there we have 3 great exercises which will really get you into shape and get you lean, and making you feel much more comfortable in your body.

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