A common sign of aging is the appearance of lines around the lips. Unfortunately, these lines are commonly caused by facial expressions and movements that we are used to without knowing or assuming that they cannot harm us. Yes, applying facial expressions may be inevitable, but it is the primary cause of fine lines and wrinkles. Smoking is another major cause of vertical lines around the mouth region. Once these lines occur, they can be made worse by prolonged direct exposure to sunlight. However, as exercising helps get other body muscles in shape, you can also work on the muscles around the mouth to attain a tight skin. This helps reduce the sagging skin, wrinkles, and lines.

1. Isometric exercise
The types of wrinkles around the mouth differ from those on the rest of the face by both information and correction. Muscles around the mouth and lips are very different from others in other regions of the face. The skin in other parts of the face collapse and loose tone due to elongation, the skin around the face collapses because of poor circulation. Poor circulation leads to thin lips with time and eventually lips lose shape, and wrinkles and lines begin to form. You can restore the shape and contour of the upper lips through isometric exercise. This is more of a resistance exercise, and it does not only help the muscles grow but also ensures proper circulation which prevents muscles from collapsing. The exercise should be carried out in a sitting or standing position. Open up the mouth and leave a gap of about half or one inch between the teeth. Hold the teeth in that position using your hands and then try to move your upper jaw downwards. Your hands should resist and keep the jaws apart. Occasionally return the jaws to starting point and attempt to make the teeth meet. Repeat this for five times but ensure you pause each time to take a deep breath.

2. Muscle movement
Be seated on a chair and then place your elbows on the table. Place your thumbnails beneath the upper lips between the teeth and the jaw. In this position, try to move the muscles of your upper lips inwards towards the thumbs in small movements. This exercises the muscles, stretching them to ensure proper circulation and growth. Once you have moved and extended fully, hold in position and take a deep breath. Hold the breath and make a count of up to ten. Release the breath and release your muscles in small bits and movements. Relax and then repeat the procedure from eight to ten times. Doing this at least thrice every week helps you to attain bigger upper lip muscles thus reducing the formation of lines and upper lip wrinkles. Muscle movement will not only take care of the fault lines but will increase cell renewal. This helps keep the skin uplifted thus maintaining face shape. It also reduces sagging skin which results from shrinking muscles and makes one look older than their actual age.

3. Stretching the upper lips
Make a letter “O” shape with your lips such that you cover the teeth. Ensure that you stretch your lips to the limit but don’t close the mouth or lose the O shape. With the O shape, make a broad smile as big as possible. Smile to the limit that you feel your lips are fully stretched. Hold in that position and count fifteen seconds. Then take a deep breath, hold it for some time and then release. Make a set of ten such smiles but ensuring that you always retain the O shape, and you stretch your lips as much as you can. Alternatively, you can work on the muscles around the cheek so as to stretch the skin around the lips and make firm any sagging skin that leads to the formation of lines and wrinkles. Cover your lower lip with your upper lip and leave a void inside the mouth. Curl your tongue to press the upper part of your palette. Press hard enough that you exert pressure on the upper lip. Release and make a broad smile and count up to twenty. Inhale deeply and hold again for twenty seconds. Repeat this to make a set of six. This will help deal with any lines around the upper lips and fights any signs of early aging.

As we have said that skin around the lips will not sink and lose shape because of elongation, the best way to prevent wrinkles around the lips is by maintaining the size of lip muscles. This will keep the skin around the lips stretched and will reduce the formation of lines and wrinkles. Reduce signs of aging by keeping your lips filled and with no signs of wrinkles.




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