Achieving email marketing success starts with building an opt in list that will allow you to maintain 'contact' with them! Now this approach is one of the best internet marketing strategies you can use and a great way to increase your business efficiency online! On the other hand do NOT expect to get results quickly by constantly sending out promotions because this will result in many unsubscribing from your list!

Here are 3 things every list owner MUST do to maximize the results they get when contacting members of their opt in list!

Offer Useful Information

When you first begin making contact with your opt in list you want to avoid 'bull rushing' them with a blizzard of promotional materials! Instead offer information that will be of use and interest to subscribers and since you already know some of their interests, this should be easy to do! Remember that the fact of the matter is this, you are just 'meeting' these people for the first time so be nice, courteous and helpful whenever you can! You only have one chance to make a good 'first' impression!

Build Relationships

Establishing trust and credibility is crucial to your marketing effectiveness! Once these are established subscribers have a deeper sense of loyalty towards you thereby making them more receptive to your promotional efforts! The content you are offering your opt in list is what helps you gain their trust while building your credibility! Freely offering anything of value or interest is a great way to gain the trust of others and when what you offer is of good quality this tends to boost your credibility as well! A trusting relationship with people who view you as credible is a great foundation upon which to build your business! This is also why using email in this way is considered one of the best internet marketing strategies in use today!

Be Patient

There is no need nor rush to promote something with every message you send as previously touched upon above! In fact as you build a strong relationship with those on your opt in list it becomes less likely they'll unsubscribe therefore you'll have many opportunities to promote something to them over time! It's simply a matter of sharing with them what you already know or have recently learned and being patient to not promote too much too often!

Email marketing success does NOT automatically occur as you build an opt in list but rather it is something you must 'develop' to enjoy the benefits! Being able to make direct contact with people through email to promote products can really boost business efficiency and done properly, profits as well! On the other hand it is important to recognize that you must first 'develop' your reputation and a relationship with these people first, and this takes time! The 3 most important things you can do to make this happen are reviewed above and are easy to implement if you are so willing! When done in the proper manner, developing your opt in list in this way will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of what is considered the best internet marketing strategy you can implement!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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