Land is essential in real estate. When it comes to buying land and building a home you have to check out several factors. Some of these points consist of :

Zoning Needs

Here you must consult with the local authorities and figure out the zoning guidelines . You must also determine if you are allowed to build the type of home that you have in mind. The future is important; so, you ought to ask if there are any ideas to build up the infrastructure in the area. As an example, you should enquire if there are plans to build airports as well as shopping malls.

Natural Hazards

You must have a geological survey carried out. This type of survey can inform you if the land is right for constructing. As guideline you ought to avoid a property which is at risk of natural hazards.

While figuring out the natural hazards in the area you should even consider the elevation of the land. In case the land is situated near a hill you ought to figure out the probabilities of the land shifting. Keep in mind that the slab of your home could possibly break if the land is risky.

In case the land is ideal, but near water bodies you should think about building your construction utilizing a raised foundation. It’s also wise to make sure you get flood insurance.


In order to live a comfortable life you will need utilities in your house . One of the main utilities you need is water. Keep in mind that you cannot dig wells in few areas. To be on the safe side you must figure out the level of your water table as well as understand how difficult it is to dig a well.

Electric supply is equally as important. If the area does not have electric power, you ought to figure out how costly it will be to bring it to your house. Or alternatively to add solar panels.


These are 3 factors that you ought to think when purchasing land to build a home . When making an investment you should not be put off by the restrictive covenants that there may be on the area. Keep in mind that these restrictions are meant to ensure that the homes built in the area conform to given requirements. Usually going through the restrictions with an architect and knowing what is allowed and what is not is an imperative part of the process whilst purchasing land for construction in Mallorca.

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