Electronics and telecommunication engineering, or E&TC, is an amalgamation of electrical and computer engineering, whose concepts are used to build telecommunication systems. This area of engineering is a perfect fit for students who have inventiveness in their repertoire and want to make a career in building new hardware systems and technologies. To facilitate the career ambitions of these students, all the top engineering colleges in Pune or elsewhere offer B.Tech in E&TC engineering. Students will be taught about the various processes that are used in making new hardware systems. However, these are concepts that they will be learning for the first time. And just like all courses, students will have questions in mind before pursuing one. After all, it is a life-changing decision. Thus, we have identified and answered 3 frequently asked questions about E&TC engineering, which will help them in their decision making.

1. What is E&TC engineering?

Electronics and telecommunications is that branch of engineering that blends the concepts of electrical and computer engineering, to build new systems, update the existing ones and enhance the telecommunications field as a whole. To build these systems, an E&TC engineer is tasked with developing a basic circuit design and designing & installing other equipment like electronic switching systems, optical fibre cabling, IP networks, and microwave transmission systems. These systems are then used for the transmission of high-speed data. Satellites and the Internet are great examples of data transmission.

2. What’s the scope for E&TC in India?

Recently, the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) announced that the country’s electronic market is estimated to become $ 1 trillion by 2028, while as many as 147 mobile phone companies have started their production locally. For such a high performing market, there will be no dearth of jobs and the demand for E&TC engineers will only increase as the number of companies grows.

3. What are the career prospects in this field?

E&TC engineering has some fantastic career prospects. With the rise of the IT and mobile communications industry, students will be recruited by top companies under a good job profile. They will be assigned high profile projects, which will improve their resume and teach them a lot about their respective fields at the same time. E&TC graduates are offered good salaries as well. The average starting salary of an E&TC graduate is around Rs 5-6 lakhs p.a, and the highest offered salary is around the range of Rs 8-10 lakh p.a.

Apart from the role of electronics & telecommunication engineer, some other job profiles that students can be offered are :

●Telecom Engineer
●Communications Engineer
●Electronic Communications Technician
●Telecommunications Network Engineer

These are some of the frequently asked questions by students looking to pursue E&TC engineering. Hope we have sufficiently answered them. If you are convinced that this is the field you want to venture into, apply to the best < a href="https://www.sitpune.edu.in/b.tech-first-year"> b-tech colleges in Pune or elsewhere. All the best!

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