Success depends upon karma. If you do the right things at the right time in the right direction, success will be yours. If you have yoga for success but you are not interested in doing any karma in such direction, you will not receive success.

I am sharing a few yoga for success

Those who have strong or auspicious planets or aspects in the 5th house of knowledge, money house (second house), income house (11th house), fortune house(9th house), and happiness, house(4th house), get success.

Mercury provides intelligence and mathematical ability. High-Level Knowledge provided by Devguru Brihaspati. The Moon plays an important role in all kinds of auspicious activities. Venus provides a life of pleasure and happiness.

On giving auspicious effects, Saturn provides an immense and high level of success. Hence, the person gets success due to the formation of other yogas by establishing auspicious representations of these planets, such as the relationship of the lagna, trikona, and center.

If a person's horoscope has Budhaditya-yoga, Gajakesari-yoga, Saraswati-yoga, Sarada-yoga, Hans-yoga, Lakshmi yoga, then the person achieves good success in the government examination and gets higher education.

With the commander Mars, there is an increase of courage and enthusiasm in the person, which is very important for success in the examination.

Surya is related to self-confidence. Guru is related to knowledge. The examination is related to remembrance, which is the result of Mercury. Moon is a factor of mental balance. The strengthening of the Moon builds confidence. Rahu is the causative planet of the subconscious mind and concentration of mind is very important for success in the examination.

Astrological yoga of high success

When 1st house lord, 5th lord, 10th lord are related to the center or triangle or if there is a change of place in them, then you will get guaranteed success.

When a horoscope has an exalted Guru, Moon, Venus or Saturn in the center position, the person does not fail in the examination, competition, etc.

When the Lagnesh is strong, 9th lord is in the center or triangle with the exalted zodiac, then success and Lakshmi attainment yoga is made. Such a native is successful everywhere.

When there is an auspicious sight of the beatific planet in the triangle, in the 10th house and in the fifth house, the native is a scholar and is successful in the competition.

When in a horoscope the lord of the fifth house is a guru and the lord of the tenth house is Venus and the guru is in the tenth house and Venus is in the fifth house, then success is achieved.

Saraswati Yoga is formed when the Guru is in the Moon's house and the Moon is in the Guru's house as well as the Guru's vision on the Moon.

If there is a Gajkeshri Yoga of a moon guru at any place in the center, then such a person is definitely successful in big competitive examinations.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional author and eminent astrologer in India.