We often perceive pregnancy as the most beautiful time in a woman's life. With a little help of certain accessories, it will be much easier to enjoy it.

Perceiving pregnancy as a miracle of life helps with overcoming the little crises that often appear on the way. Let's face it - these nine months can be a real ordeal, as much as they are an experience filled with joy. The way your body changes can often cause undesirable effects that influences your everyday life. 

The sense of heaviness, back pains, irritability - all the future mums have to deal with these struggles. However, many ways can help you pass through this time more smoothly. You will probably think - yoga? Swimming? Well, these solutions can give significant relief for pregnant women, but today we'd like to provide you with different tips. What about investing in accessories that will simply make future mum's life easier?

Pregnancy support belt

The belly is often the biggest struggle for women - before the labor and after it. It's a real burden for the back, it makes most of the clothes not fit and usually needs a while to come back to pre-pregnancy shape. We cannot suggest a magical solution for all these problems - but pregnancy support belt solves at least two of them.  It eases pressure on the future mum's back but also bladder and pelvis. That, of course, means fewer pains and a sense of tiredness.

The pregnancy support belt is not visible under the clothes. It can be helpful in everyday life, but particularly during exercises. Another great advantage of the belt is that it speeds up the regeneration of the skin on the belly after giving birth, reducing the risk of having stretch marks. Check the ones from Lola&Lykke - A Finnish Health and Wellness Brand for Mums.

Prenatal ball

Every future mum has probably heard about this accessory. The birthing ball is commonly used in yoga for pregnant women and the birth preparation classes. What's the reason behind its popularity? Alike the pregnancy support belt, the ball, if used correctly, will give you a sense of relief in your spine and pelvis. Also, it opens the hips. It can make labor easier and less painful. If the mum doesn't necessarily want to participate in classes, she can use the ball at home - during work or relax in front of the TV.

Herbal infusions

The future mums cannot just have a beer to relax - they are limited to the ways that exclude alcohol, tobacco, and similar substances. However, there are plenty of infusions that can help them soothe the stress and pain, and at the same time deliver the body the necessary vitamins and micro elements. For supplementing the iron, nettle or red raspberry leaf tea will be the best choice. For reducing nausea - we suggest ginger and peppermint.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.